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Homepage. This page: Various b/w photos from the 1960s showing sit up and beg Anglias, inc one before and after being rolled.
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1. 1949 Ford E494A Anglia.

Thanks to David K for sending a selection of motoring piccies over, and ok'ing them to be shown here. This pair of images show David pictured with his E494A Anglia in the mid 1960s, one of a number of Fords he's owned. The first photograph shows him sat on the front wing shortly after his 11th birthday in 1965, with brother Philip stood alongside. The car at this point looked to be in pretty tidy condition, given its 16 years of use. This 1949 Anglia, finished in beige, was registered as KLL 429, a London number.
Sidevalve Ford Anglia saloon car
The Ford was David's first car, not bad at 11! it would regularly be taken 'off-roading' in a nearby field. One day things got a little exciting and the Anglia, during a particularly energetic charge down the field, dug in and rolled a full 360 before ending up back on its wheels. Amazingly the car continued to provide youthful off-roading thrills and spills, despite its severely modified bodyshell, the second photograph (below) showing it, post-roll, in August 1966.
David adds: "Note the front of the car is now black, the rear is still beige. Not enough pocket money for aerosols. Also damage to car caused by 'rolling' complete 360 wheel/roof/wheel. It seemed to go better after that, until it fell to pieces". The damage is clearly visible - note the crushed headlamp, mangled front wing, and re-shaped roof and upper door panels. The windscreen seems to have cried its last by this time too. A photo of David's third car, a Vauxhall 14, can be seen here.
Anglia E494A
While superficially similar to the 103E Popular, the Anglia was in fact a different vehicle in a number of ways, and preceeded the Pop. Whereas the Pop had the 10hp 1172cc engine under the bonnet, all bar a few export E494A Anglias received motive power courtesy of the pre-war '8' engine, as seen in the Anglia E04A, from which the basic design of the bodyshell was also drawn, albeit now with front end panelwork based on that of the 7Y & 7W. Other differences to help identify an E494A from a 103E include larger (E83W van-type) headlamps, a smart bakelite dashboard, Anglia badging of course, chrome plated bumpers, and a chrome surround to the bonnet side vents. The last of the upright Anglias was built in 1953.

2. Two more Ford Anglias.

Bruce kindly sent this old photo over, showing a pair of Ford Anglias at rest. One is registered DJE 798, a number issued by the Isle of Ely council, and in front CU 6680 which I think denote a South Shields registration. The pop-up semaphore indicators, or 'trafficators', on the nearest Anglia have been supplemented by "Noddy's Ear" type flashing indicators, screwed onto the top of the door pillars. The nearest car also seems to have 103E Pop-type headlamps fitted, which are smaller in size to those usually seen on the E494A Anglia. The second car seems to have something sticking out of the bonnet side panel - perhaps an air intake or a large horn?
Two Ford Anglias

3. David Taylor's Anglia.

David's been in touch with information on not just cars he's owned, but also those driven by his father. The Anglia shown below was his own 1952 car though, registration MXH 480, photographed after a quick wipe over with a sponge, or a rain shower. Anglia features that differentiate it from the later 103E Pop are in evidence - for instance, the larger headlamps, the twin (vacuum-operated) wipers, side bonnet trims, and of course matching badging fitted to not just the radiator grille, but to also the vents set into both bonnet sides.
Of Dagenham's cut-price saloon, David has "... just a few fond memories of oily hands, rust, flat batteries, and replacing the crown wheel and pinion". Thanks for that David :)
1952 Anglia

4. A Mancunian Ford.

Thanks to Gregory for allowing me to share a couple of his photos, that he posted on Facebook. Both feature his family's black Ford, shown parked on a cobbled roadway - Thompson Street, Moss Side, in Manchester. Very atmospheric scenes, the Ford was in fact his father's first car, c1954.
Ford parked in Manchester
Is it an Anglia though? At first glance, the large headlamps and bright trim around the bonnet side grilles say yes. But, Anglias had twin wipers mounted at the base of the screen. Here, just a single wiper is fitted, above the screen. Plus, this car has an opening screen, whereas those fitted to Anglias were fixed in a rubber surround. Or, is it a Pop that's been upgraded? The single wiper means it could be, the opening screen could have been sourced from another car, same for the running boards. The vents on the scuttle, are the fixed "clam" type rather than the Anglia's, and early 103E's, opening type. Maybe it was a pre-war 7W or 7Y, that had received front-end panels from a later car? Unfortunately the car's registration isn't visible, that might have given a few more clues.
Front view
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