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See Homepage. This page: A classic two-tone Wolseley 16/60 outside the White Hart, surrounded by various steam traction engines.
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The Farina-designed Wolseley 16/60 saloon car.

Seen parked at the kerbside is a Wolseley 16/60 dating to 1967. The 16/60 replaced the similar 15/60, again a Farina design that had been applied across much of the BMC range by the late 1960s. The Wolseley was pitched as the affordable, well-appointed version of the BMC saloon car range, whereas the sister MG Magnette for instance was designed with a hint of sporting pretention, and the Austin Cambridge & Morris Oxford were both aimed at the family man, to whom badge loyalty was still a key ingredient in the purchasing process. I owned a 1964 Wolseley 16/60 for a while and I remember it being a comfortable old cruiser, decked out with a smart wooden dash and accomodating leather seats.
Wolseleys were powered by the familiar B Series engine, fed via a single carburettor. Four speed manual transmission and all-drum braking featured throughout production, although some Farina purchasers did opt for the (now rare) automatic transmission option. Anyone wanting real get-up-and-go from their Farina, could fit a tuning kit such as those marketed by Speedwell in the 1960s.
BMC Wolseley 16/60 and other classic cars
Also visible in this shot are several steam traction engines, so presumably there was a rally taking place in the locality. The engine on the left is seen towing a trailer, liveried with the name A. Clarke & Sons Ltd. Just behind is young Johnny legging it from his mother!! Other classics visible in this photo, all British notice, include a BMC 1100/1300 in front of the Wolseley, a Mini and a pre-Farina A40/A50/A55 Cambridge in the distance. Two chaps stood outside the White Hart public house are watching proceedings unfold. Note the old style 30mph speed limit sign atop the black and white pole, and the refreshing lack of painted lines on the road. The location is believed to be Saffron Walden. Thanks to Les for sending this one over.
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