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See Homepage. This page: A road, with shops and cars in view, somewhere in the UK during the swinging sixties.
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A typical British street scene from the mid/late 1960s.

No mention of location or date is given on the reverse of this old photo, so unless someone recognises this location, it will have to remain anonymous. Looking at the cars in shot, it would have been taken in the mid to late 1960s, when parking restrictions were few, and the number of foreign-built cars even fewer. Every vehicle in this photograph was built in the UK, which really drives home just how badly we've slipped away from being a dominant car manufacturing country. Nearest the camera, parked at the kerb outside this row of shops, is a Hillman Minx, and a Morris Mini-Minor registration number 3239 NT a little further away parked outside the local Ironmongers. In front of the Mini is one of Luton's finest, a boxy 4 door FC-series Vauxhall Victor, a model that first broke cover at the Motor Show in October 1964. This car was registered DWD 739C, dating it to 1965ish.

A quick browse of an old RAC handbook tells us that the WD registration code relates to Warwick County Council, so perhaps this scene shows a street in Warwickshire? The Mini's NT letter code however is a Salop C.C. identifier (Salop = Shropshire). By the time of this picture the Mini would have been a few years old and more likely to have moved away from its original registration area, than the much newer Vauxhall.

Further away is a Bedford CA van (a late, tall windscreen variant) registered I think in '65, with its door wide open and no sign of the driver around. Behind that is a Bedford HA van, a Ford 103E Pop with two pedestrians walking up to it, and a 400E Thames panel van. In the distance, but heading our way, is a single decker bus or coach, with a Mk1 Triumph 2000 saloon driving away, having just avoided a chap walking into the road on the left.

Pedestrians and cars

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