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See Homepage. This page: A diminutive Austin Seven delivery van parked in a Scottish town square.
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Old Austin 7hp van in Oldmendrum.

This old postcard is postmarked 1946, but no doubt dates to the pre-war era. It shows the Square, in Oldmendrum, with a few interesting old vehicles parked up. Easiest to identify is the car registration number RG 2606 (an Aberdeenshire number). At first glance it looks like another Austin 7 top hat saloon, but closer investigation reveals that it is in fact a dinky delivery van - the higher roofline and the two small windows set in the back doors, visible through the windscreen, are the giveaways. The car parked behind, with a leather strap over the bonnet, I'm less sure about. Parked alongside is a smart single decker bus, or motor-coach, operated by Alexander. Both the Austin van and the car behind have radiator muffs fitted over their rad cores, suggesting that this photograph was taken in winter.
Austin 7 delivery van

1930s Austin Seven van
The buildings are also of some interest - to the right of the Austin in this shot is the old garage, with a number of petrol pumps and globes on display. The nearest pump has a lozenge-shaped Esso globe, the next one up the distinctively shaped Shell version. I've not been able to make out the writing above the pumps, on the garage wall - it starts with "R.E." then followed after another word with "Service".

Across the way is Gaul & Bruce - Family Grocers. An old bicycle is leaning against the side wall, and many products are offered in the windows. Another shop, H. Anderson, is alongside. The town of Oldmendrum is situated a few miles out of Aberdeen, in Scotland. Three garages are listed as being in the area - Arconnan Motor Group, Meldrum Motors, and Station Garage. I think, but could be wrong, that the garage shown in the image above is now home to Meldrum Motors, which is listed as being at 3 Market Square, but I'm sure a local can set me right on that if needs be.

2. Another example of 7hp van.

Thanks to David Hunt, of Severn Beach, for this family photo of an Austin 7hp van. Sadly only part of the vehicle is visible, but there's enough to confirm that it is a van, rather than the more common saloon, variant. His father, Edward Herbert George Hunt, is at the wheel. He was self taught, and started driving in 1927.
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Austin 7 van
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