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See Homepage. This page: A Mk2 Zephyr parked with its roof down in the 1950s/1960s.
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A six cylinder Ford Mk2 Convertible seen in 1962.

Mk2 Ford convertible
JohnDale emailed this old photo to me in December 2007, along with various other images that will feature on the site shortly. The car shown here is a Mk2 convertible from the mid/late 1950s. I'm sure that this is a Mk2 Zephyr convertible, painted in two tone similar to the contemporary Zodiac, but if anyone can let me know otherwise, please do so. This car, dating to 1957, is registered RBY 5, and looks very trim in its two tone paintjob, with extra lamps fitted to the front, whitewall tyres, and long aerials fitted to the rear deck. A quick look on the DVLA and RAC websites doesn't bring up any information on this car, so sadly it has probably gone the way of most 50s cars, to the scrapyard.
The Mk2 of 1956 was the successor to the Mk1 range of Fords, also available either as saloon cars or open-top convertibles. Although the British climate doesn't lend itself too well to open-top motoring, they have always sold well here and Ford were keen to tap into this market, since the early days of the Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac line-up. The Zephyr and Zodiac came with a 2553cc six cylinder engine as standard, positioning it above the 4 pot Consuls, the Zodiac being the higher spec'd of the two 'Z' cars. Production of the Mk2 lasted until 1962, when the be-finned Mk3 hit the stage, albeit without a convertible option.
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The video compilation below features a huge collection of more recent images all featuring Mk1-onward Consuls, Zephyrs and Zodiacs.
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