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Original transport photographs
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The Jensen Interceptor.

The Interceptor range was already established when the convertible version of the V8 was launched. This photograph, with a note that it shouldn't be published prior to March 22nd 1974, shows the rag-top version parked at the races, minus a numberplate. Overall I think its a nice looking machine, although the folded hood looks a little clumsy to my eyes. Triumph's Stag for instance, did a much neater job of hiding the hood away, at much less cost too, although the rollover bar in the Triumph wasn't the sleekest admittedly.
Production of the convertible would last til 1976, with less than 350 examples leaving the line at Jensen Motors Ltd. Power, as with the normal Interceptor, came courtesy of a Chrysler V8 engine. The model first saw light of day in 1966, taking over from the 'distinctive' looking C-V8 (one can be seen on this page) and being clothed in a steel, rather than a fibreglass, body. The design credits for the Interceptor lay with Touring, of Italy, with bodies being built first by Vignale, and then at Jensen's own plant in West Bromwich. The convertible was introduced in 1974, the date of this photograph.
1974 Jensen Interceptor convertible
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