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See Homepage. This page: A proper old Mercedes car, this one dating to the 1930s.
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Mercedes Benz saloon car.

I had to seek some advice on the model of Mercedes in this photograph - I'm told it looks like a 200-series Benz, built somewhere between 1936-1939. Stood alongside is a tall chap wearing a peaked cap, perhaps a chauffeur? although the rest of his outfit looks less smart. To the right of the photograph is a very early Volkswagen, or KdF Wagen as Adolf and his chums preferred to call it.

This pre-war Mercedes doesn't look much like a military version, but there is a slight question mark due to the twin sidemounts on the car. Instead of roadgoing tyres, the two spares (one in each running board) look like they were designed with off roading or at least dodgy terrain in mind, given their military type tread pattern. The registration number is M6073610, can anyone identify where this car was registered?

If you're interested in older Mercedes cars, you can download a free Merc screensaver, also at oldclassiccar.

1930s Mercedes car

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