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Classic Ford from 1932.

This family photo was taken in April 1935, and shows a 1932 Ford parked at the side of the road. A close look at the car suggests that it is a four door (Fordor) saloon, rather than the much more desirable (nowadays) Deuce coupe, beloved of hotrodders everywhere. This car was registered MV 6900, and would have been 3 years old in this picture. Both AA and RAC breakdown badges are in evidence, so perhaps this Ford wasn't the most reliable of cars?
The location is Croyde Bay, in Devon, and is a popular tourist location, also enjoyed by the surfing fraternity. A look at this page on a Devon website shows a view very similar to that taken below in 1935. The later picture must have been taken behind where the Ford was parked, overlooking fields that aren't in shot here. The hills and buildings in the distance though are very similar.
1932 Ford at Croyde Bay

Another Model B Fordor saloon.

Mike Jago kindly provided the following image, following a request to see if the car in the following family photo could be identified. The UK (London) registered car is another example of the four-door "Fordor" Ford Model B, registration HV 3845. The photo dates to 1948, and shows a very young Mike and his mum stood with the pre-war, RHD, Ford. The n/s/f bumper corner appears to exhibit signs of grubby white paint, a left-over from wartime blackout regulations. A great photo, thanks Mike.
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Another Ford Model B
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