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See Homepage. This page: The 180, a Chrysler/Rootes Group offering for the early seventies.
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A classic Chrysler?

Old Chryslers from the 70s aren't collected in great numbers nowadays, probably because few survived the ravages of rust to have a prayer of being preserved, and partly because Rootes Group products from this era don't seem to attract the interest that old Fords, Austins and so on acquire.

The car shown below is a Chrysler 180, dating to the early 1970s. This car was slightly larger than the Hillman Avenger (another Rootes gem), and significantly larger than the rear-engined Imp, which was still selling strong despite being an oldish design by this time. The 180 was designed to take the fight to Ford, with their Cortina, and Vauxhall, with their Victor saloons.

Front view of this Chrysler car

Side view of this 180

There is an interesting write-up on the development of the Chrysler 180 on the Rootes-Chrysler website, outlining how the car came to being, designed to be a car for the European market, rather than just for UK buyers. Sales would never reach the intended levels, model development suffering just as the parent company was itself floundering and losing direction.

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