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Austin Seven car.

Please help!?!?!! this photograph of an Austin Seven tourer came in a bunch of photos I bought, but whats the story with the 3 fellas hanging out of the car??

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Austin A7

I'd love to know what this photograph is all about, the bowler-hatted gent in the back reminds me of someone but I can't place him. The background looks like a painted set to me. I had wondered if this might be one of those seaside amusements, where you sit in a prop and have your photo taken, but this looks to me like a theatrical production of some sort (or maybe for the TV?). I really have no idea, and I can't make out the scribbled note on the back of the picture unfortunately.

The driver is kitted out in driving gear suitable for 1920s or 1930s motoring, with both passengers in suits and bowler hats (almost look like Laurel and Hardy or Abbott & Costello!!). The Austin 7 cabriolet/tourer is missing a lamp, while the surviving lamp points heavenwards. The wings have a white band painted on to them - a popular mod during the war, when cars had to drive during the blackout with their lamps switched off. If any more info turns up about this scene, I'll add it in here.

UPDATE 25th October 06

Ray dropped me a line, and reminded me of a Will Hay film from prior to WW2, in which two of the characters shown above may have starred in .. ".. I may be wrong but I think the fat man in the Austin 7 is Moore Marriott, and the old man is Graham Moffet, who played Hardbottle and Albert in the 1938 film 'O Mr Porter' with Will Hay. I have no idea who the man is in the hat and goggles."

I think Ray may be on to something here, and his email has reminded me of the film I thought I'd seen these 2 guys in. Can anyone else add to this theory?

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