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Austin 7hp Ruby chassis.

Going through some older emails from George, a regular contributor to this site (thanks!), I re-discovered this great photo, that shows him with his brother playing on an old Austin Ruby chassis. No doubt the namby-pamby cotton wool brigade would frown on such fun today...

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Austin Seven chassis
George continues .. "You will see here how I got interested in old Austin cars, this I am sure was a Ruby my Dad scrapped and my younger Brother Mark and I enjoyed driving the chassis about on the farm. Mark wasnt impressed at doing the driving along, but my argument was he couldnt reach the brake pedal. I did let him drive on the flat ground but I do remember it was hard work, it was good exercise though!

I don't remember what became of the 'car', probably sold off a few years later or scrapped. We had a lot of old MOT failures to play with for peanuts in those 'good old days'."

I asked George about the rear wheel that he's seen holding in this photograph, it turns out that this is the propulsion method that 'drove' the chassis forwards ... ".. power was by turning the steering wheel at the back, real 'boy' power it was. I think it kept us fit but rather hand blistered .... I bet not many kids were as lucky as we back then. The farm was great as we had the space for so many interesting things but didnt really appreciate it until we left home. There were so many interesting 1920/30's cars scrapped in the sixties it was criminal.".

Great photo, thanks for sending it over. There are plenty of other pictures showing 1930s Austins, Rubys and so on, in the photograph sections of the site, so please call by there and see what there is (I forget what's in there half the time!).

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