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See Homepage. This page: Large gathering of motorcycle trials bikes outside the Corner Garage, on the Isle of Man.
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Crossley Cup Motorcycle Trial at Corner Garage.

I bought this large photograph in 2006, and it would appear to show a gathering of motorcycles at the start of a trial. There is a huge amount going on in this picture, details of which further down the page.
Trials motorcycles
Nearest the camera is a small 2dr car parked on Approach Road - the car looks like a Standard 8, or Flying 8, to me. A close look at the photograph shows that all the visible motorcycles are registered in the MN area of the UK, which my '63 RAC handbook advises is (or was) the registration series for the Isle of Man. Examples in view include motorcycles KMN 895, GMN 952, HMN 977, KMN 697, HMN 191, and KMN 15.
A search online also brings up a recent planning application submitted for the Corner Filling Station (or Garage) on Approach Road, in Ramsey, Isle of Man, which would seem to suggest that this is the scene shown here, in the early post-war years, and that the Garage is still in existence. If someone has a recent photo of this site I'd like to feature it here too if possible?
All manner of classic bikes are in evidence, some of which have entry numbers tied to the front lamp. Nearest the wall is a Matchless, but the others are less easy to pick out. There are no leaves on the trees, and everyone is in thick coats and the ladies in headscarves, so it must have been over the winter that the Crossley Cup trial took place.
Note on the rear of the picture identify this as the Crossley Cup, which would seem to have assembled outside the Corner Garage. On the lefthand tree, high up, is a sign for The Eagle Cafe .. 'for Grilles & Teas' which was open til 10.30pm! Beneath it is a garage sign advertising Mobiloil. A few cars are hidden amongst the trials bikes too, although most can't be identified too easily. In the background alongside the garage is what looks like the back of a Triumph 2000 roadster, with a Minor parked close by. Also parked down the side is an upright sidevalve Ford - you can only see part of the cabin, then the top of its 3 hole grille between a group of people, identifying it as a 1937-1938 Ford 7W 'Ten'.

Morgan 3 wheeler.

In line with the parked Standard, but within the motorcycle parking area, is a curious looking machine with a very long boot area to it. I did wonder if this was a BSA 3 wheeler but Peter Angus has been in touch with the following info:
"I don't think the 3-wheeler in the photo at Corner Garage IOM is a BSA, because the shape of the tail is wrong. It's more likely to be a Morgan. There were a lot of Morgan's with that type of tail, which housed a spare wheel right in the back end of the body. Although the bonnet does not look like the type with the exposed V-twin engine, it does look like the type that housed the 4-cylinder in line engine, possibly Ford side-valve."
Anders agrees with Peter's identification: "Isn't the three-wheeler with barrel back a Ford-engined Morgan F sports? The rear part of the body is very typical for Morgan, also the v-twin engined Super sport had it. The louvres in the rear of the bonnet are also very typical for Morgans with Ford sidevalve engine." Thanks gents.
3 wheeler - BSA?
If anyone reading this has more info on this event, or actually took part, I'd be interested in adding to the info on this page.
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