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Homepage. This page: An MGB roadster drives past the Gloucester Arms, plus other period MGB photos.
Original transport photographs
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1. MGB Roadster, registration BGJ 849B.

This MG picture is one of many original photos featured in the oldclassiccar car photo section.
MGB Roadster
This clear photograph shows a black MGB Roadster (with hardtop) leaving Gloucester Place, in front of the Gloucester Arms pub in central London, back in the swinging 60s.
A quick nosey on the Motor Vehicle Licencing site turns up some amazing information - this car is still on the road!!! it was first registered 14 July 1964, and is currently on the road. Engine size is the usual 1798cc (B Series). Does anyone know who owns this MG now? I'm sure they'd like to see this photo from when their car was new, or nearly new. It looks like a little cracker, with its hard top, wire wheels, and whitewall tyres. The pub is still in business too, although a great deal more roadside furniture is now in front of it. The MGB was launched as a range in 1962, replacing the outgoing MGA.

2. A 1966 registered MGB Roadster.

Next MG photo, a front-end shot of a 'D' registered (1966) MGB Roadster on wire wheels. Does LLP 614D still exist too? In this photo, the MG is in good company - an early Farina-shape Morris Oxford to the left, with a Hillman Minx, A55 Cambridge Mk2 and a few other cars parked in the same spot. LLP is a London series, first used in May 1966.
MGB Roadster

3. Keith's MGBs.

Keith Belcher owned a variety of MGBs in the 1970s, including examples of the Roadster and the fixed-head GT, and what follows are photographs featuring the cars he owned, not necessarily in chronological order.
So, to begin with, two photos of a bright red MGB Roadster he owned. Registered JOB 2E, it wore the original pressed steel wheels, and a few in-period modifications including racy wing mirrors, and a pair of Lucas spotlamps. An unusually-long radio aerial points to music on the move. Other cars of the 1970s in shot include a pair of Mk1 Escorts, and a Hillman Avenger. Is that a Mk3 Humber Sceptre parked alongside the Avenger?
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Red MGB Roadster
The second photo sees a brace of red Roadsters parked while on a tour that passed through the Pyrenees, JOB 2E in lead position.
Driving two MGs through the Pyrenees
Next, two pictures of an orange MGB GT. The first is a side-on view of the J-registered "B". My guess is that this was taken fairly early one morning, judging by the light and shadows, plus the presence of a milk float stationary in the background.
Orange MGB GT
Here we have a front view of WOV 972J, again with a few other stalwarts of 1970's motoring visible in the background - namely a Mk3 Ford Cortina, a Transit van, and a Hillman Minx or Hunter. Maybe someone can identify the boat?
MGB GT chrome bumper front view
Three photos of another chrome-bumper GT (reg. LFD 7L), this time in blue, now follow. Note the alloy wheels fitted to this example.
Blue GT with alloy wheels
Two front views of the GT now, fitted with the same style of Lucas lamps seen fitted to the red Roadster above. The second shot shows Keith posed with the car, on the day he sold it.
Front view, MGB GT chrome bumper version
Keith with his MG
To complete this set, three photos of Keith's Blaze Yellow GT, registration KDB 27. Lucas Square 8 fog/spotlamps are fitted beneath this car's bumper, while above are two Cibie Oscars. The wheels look like those that were also fitted to the blue GT. Note the square BL (British Leyland) wing badge that only appears on the passenger-side front wing, and the fitment of a Webasto roof.
This registration number lives on, applied to a 2012 Volkswagen Caddy.
Blaze Yellow MGB GT
Rear view of yellow MGB GT
MGB GT side view
Thanks for the photos Keith. Does anyone else have similar photos they'd be willing to share here?

MGB video slideshow.

Over the years I've seen a huge number of MGBs at shows, races and historic rallies. Over 230 photographs all featuring Roadsters or GTs (including a few rarities) have been uploaded to a slideshow on Youtube, and can be viewed below.

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