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See Homepage. This page: Austin Seven tourer photographs dating to the late 1920s, early 1930s.
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Photographs of Austin 7 Tourers.

Les has been digging through his old photo albums again, and turned up the first two photographs on this page. They show a late 1920s Austin 7 tourer, parked in a street in the early 1950s.
Austin A7
My guess is that this chrome rad Austin 7 dates to 1929/1930. It was obviously a well-cared for example when caught on camera back in the early fifties. The first picture shows the car with its roof up and parked close to a kerb on Holland Road. The car has received a few
optional accessories and upgrades - note the 'Austin of England' badges fitted to the front bonnet sides, of a type fitted as standard to 50s Austins such as the Somerset and Devon. The radiator mascot also looks like a jaunty add-on, although I can't make out what is actually represented. Interestingly both headlamps seem to be pointing skywards somewhat, either they've rolled back a bit on their mounting bar, or else have been aimed to catch road signs at night. Either way I'm sure oncoming motorists wouldn't be too happy.

The second photo shows the same car with roof down, and parked in a different roadside position. Note the auxiliary lamp fitted beneath the nearside headlamp. I wonder how this street looks today? I bet most of the houses now have TV aerials mounted on the roof or chimney stack, and the old-style streetlamp is bound to have been replaced by something modern and ugly.

Is the Austin 7 still around? sadly the first letter of the registration is obscured.
Another view of this famous Longbridge product
Next, a photo from my own albums now. It shows a chap sat behind the wheel of his Austin, roof down, parked outside a rustic-looking pub. Bass ale was on draught, but more than that I do not know. The car looks like a factory-bodied two seater Austin 7, based on the pre-'32 short chassis, but if anyone could confirm the model code I'd be interested to know.
Austin 7 tourer outside a pub
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