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Homepage. This page: Two photos of Ford 7W Tens in the war, plus a four-door example in the 1950s.
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1. Ford 7W Ten during WW2.

Firstly, two photographs of a rare two-door Ford 7W Ten model, which had been requisitioned for use during the Second World War, and seen here with young members of the Royal Signals. Maybe these are two photos of the same car, rather than two different sidevalve Fords, although one has a matt finish, and the other signs of shiny paintwork. The 7W was in many ways the forerunner to the later Anglia and Pop models, but only had a short production run between 1937 and 1938. The rear side windows are longer than on the later cars, and another giveaway is the lesser-spotted 3-hole grille that hot rodders today are always on the look-out for.

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7W Fords used by the Royal Signals in the war

Ford 7W in wartime guise
Ford 7W at a camp
The car shown in the first photo has received a matt finish paint job, for wartime use, and has been lettered up accordingly. Note the wartime-spec headlamp covers, which were used during blackout conditions. The 7W in the lower shot looks to have a factory finish for the most part, although any chrome trim has been painted over, and headlamp covers fitted also. The scene is at a camp, perhaps during training? Thanks for sending the pics in Les.

2. A four-door 7W Ten in 1950's Britain.

A quick glance at this next photo left me thinking that I was holding a picture of a pre-war E93A Prefect, however a closer look revealed that the four-door car is in fact an earlier, and rarer, 7W Ten Mk1. Giveaways in this rear view are the split corner bumperettes, and different boot hinges when compared with those on the later car. The 7W was only produced for a couple of years, with Mk1 and Mk2 variants being produced. The Mk2 had a one-piece bumper, and a numberplate located on the spare wheel cover beneath the bootlid, so this example is definitely a Mk1.
The registration is BRY 310, a Leicestershire series introduced in 1937, thus confirming the identity of this classic 1172cc Ford.
In the background is a mid-1950s Morris Minor, and a Model Y Ford. Does anyone recognise the building in the background?
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Rear view of a 1937 Ford 7W car

3. Front view.

Next, a head-on view of an overseas Ford 7W, clearly displaying the distinctive three-hole grille that is unique to this model. My thanks to James in Malta for this photo, he found it in an old album of photos that belonged to his grandfather. The registration plate is Australian - you can see several plates like this on vehicles shown on the Bedford Ute photo page.
Ford 7W grille
A very interesting old photo of a shooting brake/estate car, based on a Ford 7W chassis, may be found here.

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