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See Homepage. This page: Photos of Austin Rubys and a 1927 Austin Ranelagh in the 1950s.
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Austin Ruby saloon.

In addition to some other Austin Seven photos featured in the period photos section, are these 3 views of two different Austins found by Les amongst a collection of old pictures. Sadly nothing is known about this couple, photographed separately with their little Austin registration ELE 46? (possibly ELE 466). The location looks like it could have been a garage at one time, also note the sandbags piled up outside the boarded-up entrance way in the second photo.
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Austin Seven Ruby
Austin 7 Ruby

An Austin Ruby parked alongside a 20/4 Ranelagh of 1927.

Vintage Austins
The third photograph, shown above, also features an Austin Ruby registered as CRR 487 from the 1930s, alongside an altogether much larger vintage Austin, reg. PN 22. Jim Stringer from the Vintage Austin Register contacted me in 2009, with more information on PN 22:
"The car is a 1927 Austin 20/4 'Ranelagh' limousine, and was supplied new from Martins Cliffe Bridge Garage in Lewes, to a Mrs Katherine Bothamley of Hassocks, Sussex. After several owners it eventually ended up with James Bidwell-Topham (of Ascot fame) . The bumpers which feature so prominently in the photograph were bought from Elephant Motors - a well known source of Austin spares right up until it closed down in the early 1960's, the car was then in the ownership of Wilton Oldham, who was related to the family that owned the White Star Line which of course was noted for the ill-fated Titanic."
"When James Bidwell Topham died a few years ago, the car was bequeathed to his chauffeur/gardener who eventually sold it on to the present owner. I can say that the car is still in very good condition and runs exceedingly well. Regrettably I can not divulge who the present owner is but he is a true Austin enthusiast of many years standing - and of course a member of the Vintage Austin Register."
"I hope this has been of some interest to you, the present owner also inherited a complete history of the car which I published in the Vintage Austin Magazine earlier last year."
Thanks for the information Jim, much appreciated. I hadn't realised that the larger Austin was a Ranelagh, there is a photo of a late 1930s version of the same type over on this page.

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