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Homepage. This page: Classic Vauxhall Wyverns seen in the 1950s, one in Staffordshire, the other on a RAF airfield.
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1. Vauxhall Wyvern (E Series) photos from the fifties.

In the same album as the pic of a Vauxhall 10 turned up, were two identical photos of E-Series Wyvern RVT 347. It looks to be in immaculate condition, so could well have been new at the time.
Vauxhall Wyvern
Photo showing the production line at Vauxhall's
Sent in by Les, a photo showing similar 50s Vauxhalls being built at the factory. Note the protective covers applied to the chrome bumpers during assembly.
The quality of the photograph above would do justice to a press photo of the day, but there are no signs that this is a press pic, so I assume its just a good amateur attempt.

The 1950s Wyvern was the smallest engined of three saloons that were available with this basic styling. The Wyvern had to make do with four cylinders and basic trim, whereas those with deeper pockets could opt for the plusher Velox which benefited from a six cylinder power unit. Motorists who really wanted to cut a dash in the office car park, could go for the glitzy E-Type Cresta, similar to the Velox but ladled with even more chromium and the option of duotone paint finishes. The F Type Victor would replace the E-Series range in the late 50s.

2. A 1955 Wyvern on a RAF airfield.

Godfrey sent the next pair of photos over, both showing his father's 1955 Vauxhall Wyvern. His father was an officer in the RAF, and the first photo shows the Vauxhall parked up on site, with typical RAF buildings in the background.
A 1955 Vauxhall Wyvern at an RAF base
He adds: "These photos were taken sometime in the late 50's or early 60's. The car was maroon and cream, and with its front sun visor and white walled tyres, I thought it very American. However it rusted away so badly, my father vowed never to buy another Vauxhall and he never did haha."
Another shot of this Wyvern.
Thanks for the photos Godfrey. The Vauxhall, registration PON 919, was bought as a replacement for their family's earlier Austin 16. The insurance was swapped from the Austin to the Vauxhall in May 1958. The car soldiered on until 1963, when it was replaced by a brand new Ford Zephyr 4.

3. Another classic Vauxhall Wyvern.

These next photos are from my own collection, the first shows a couple and their immaculate 1950's E-Series Vauxhall Wyvern parked in a lane adjoining a field. The registration is partially obscured - ?FB 840 - suggesting that this classic Vauxhall was first used in the Bath area.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Classic Vauxhall Wyvern
Since posting the above photograph, two more showing the exact same Wyvern have turned up. They confirm the car's registration - FFB 840. The first is a front 3/4 view of the Vauxhall, while the second shows a couple stood with their car.
3/4 front view of the Vauxhall
Front view of the Wyvern
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A selection of photos featuring all the E Series Vauxhalls (Wyvern, Cresta and Velox) can be found on this page, while this other page also features some classic photos of the 1950's Wyvern.

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