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Late twenties Jowett touring car.

I found these ancient pictures among a collection of old photos, all of which are of a motoring theme. More early photographs featuring cars can be found on the main old car photos section.

Vintage Jowett
Jowett front view
HS 4022 must date to the late 1920s, but if anyone can tell me the model of Jowett featured here, I'd appreciate it.

The first picture shows a chap dressed for all climatic conditions, leaning on the side of the car, pipe in hand. The photo is a little scratched, but is still of interest I think. A toolbox can be spied on the running board, as can the starting handle protruding from the radiator grille.

I don't know if all Jowetts were so well equipped, or whether this one has been uprated with a few choice accessories. Extra lamps have been fitted to either side of the scuttle, with, I think, a splendid horn of the 'parp parp' variety.

The chunky artillery-type wheels are of a type common to many small cars of the 1920s. Less common is the fitment atop the radiator grille - I can't quite make out whether it is just a large temperature gauge, or some stylish mascot. The tyres on the Jowett look quite muddy, as befits the scenery. Perhaps it has just completed a trial or other competitive event?

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