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See Homepage. This page: An immaculate Humber Limousine of the early 1950s with its driver.
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Humber Pullman.

A great picture of a 1950s Humber with its driver in appropriate uniform.

Sent over by David is this great picture of a Humber Pullman limo, the picture probably dating to the early 1960s if the rear fin of the Farina bodied Cambridge in the background is anything to go by. These Humbers (Phase 2, 3 and 4) were built between 1948 and 1954, the final Phase IV cars featuring an overhead valve engine, replacing the earlier sidevalve unit. I'm not sure which particular variant we've got here. Whatever, the chauffeur looks suitable chuffed with his handsome charge. Does CJX 436 survive? this registration number doesn't appear on the DVLA website so chances are it is no more, perhaps destroyed forever in a banger race somewhere??
Humber Pullman
Click here for more motoring related photos, or here to look at some wartime versions of the Humber Pullman, being worked on by ATS ladies. Over in the collectibles section, there's an invoice issued by a Rootes garage in 1956 for parts to fit a Humber of this era - see it here.

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