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Morris LD van.

By the late 60s, Les, a regular contributor to this site, was playing in the band Same Size. More motoring pics, sent in by Les and other visitors to the site, can be found in the motoring photos section.

LD van

In the early 60s, band The Concords were using a Bedford CA as their band's transportation. At the end of the 1960s Les was playing in the band Same Size, and this LD was the chosen method of transport ... ".. the 2 ton LD van was used by our group in 1969 called SAME SIZE, you can imagine the ribbing we took for that name. She travelled all around Devon, Somerset and Cornwall that summer, then up to Bristol and on to the midlands before coming home for a break, before a tour of Wales. We travelled hundreds of miles over 12 months. Got home, took a booking for a local gig 15 miles out and the bloody big ends went, it was panic then to get transport for Wales. Shame really, the old girl was kitted out with aircraft seats, bunks and plenty of room for the gear of a five piece band. "

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