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See Homepage. This page: Car-related trading & cigarette cards from the 1930s through to the 1960s.

Cigarette and other trading cards about motoring.

Collectors cards
For quite a while now I've collected trading cards that relate to motoring in some way. Many of these would have come free with packets of cigarettes, whereas other trading cards could be found in packs of bubble gum, and with other sweeties. One of the better known suppliers of these collectors' cards in more recent times was of course Brooke Bond, issuing all manner of cards with their packets of tea in the UK. Children would be found in schoolyards busily deciding which card(s) to swap with others, to complete their own set.
My plan with this corner of oldclassiccar is to feature some of the rare cards I've picked up, all of which have a car or motoring theme to them. An example is a set of 25 cards, named "Miniature Cars & Scooters", and will be the first card set I put on here. This set was issued by a company called Ewbanks, of the Eagle Works in Pontefract. Whether they supplied sweeties or cigs I don't know, perhaps someone can tell me??
Most of the cards I seem to find relate to motor racing, so there will be quite a few motorsport cards shown here over time - please call back again soon! One of the best known racing car sets was issued by Ogden's, a branch of the Imperial Tobacco cig company. It was titled "Motor Races 1931" and has some cracking illustrations on the cards. They will be put on here shortly, a couple of examples of which are shown below..
Motor Races 1931
Please pop by again soon to see this page as more sets of collecting cards are added in.
A visitor to the site dropped me an email, with scans of old Trumpf collectors cards, issued by this chocolate manufacturer in Germany during the 1930s. They can be viewed here in the motoring collectables section. Also in that section, and similar in spirit to collecting cigarette cards, is the Motor Car Badge Album, issued with The Magnet comic in 1929.

Featured sets of trading cards.

An Album of Motor Cars - Second Series produced by John Player & Sons in 1937.
Ken-Cards (Motoring series) 12 informational cards from the 1960s.
Miniature Cars & Scooters 25 bubble cars feature.
Racing Drivers & Circuits 10 cards from 1936.
Safety First 50 cards issued by Wills in 1934.
Stirling Moss 10 cards from 1955.
The Hotspur (etc) cars of the mid-1930s.
World Racing Cars A selection of cards from this 1959 Merrysweets issue.

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