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See Homepage. This page: A set of illustrated cards describing various cars built in the 1930s.

Cars of the 1930s.

According to the reverse side of each card, these were issued with copies of Rover, Wizard, Hotspur, Skipper and Adventure comics, at some point in the early/mid 1930s judging by the cars that are featured (the FIAT 518 Ardita, for instance, was introduced in 1933). Their slightly frazzled edges suggest that rather than being issued on a weekly, one-by-one, basis, they may have been presented on a single sheet, out of which the cards would be carefully - or otherwise - snipped by their impatient collector. I don't know whether I have a full set of these or not, but a varied selection of 1930s' cars are to be found within the examples that I do have here, from British-, European- and USA-based car manufacturers.
In no particular order, here goes:

Chrysler Royal 34hp.

Chrysler Royal

Bugatti Sportsman 33hp.

Bugatti Sportsman

Daimler Sports Saloon 15hp.

Daimler Sports 15hp

Bentley 3.5 litre Sports 25hp.

Bentley 3.5 litre

Ford Saloon 15hp.

Ford 15hp saloon

Lanchester Sports Coupe 10hp.

Lanchester 10hp coupe

Rover Sports.

Rover 10hp P1 sports

FIAT Ardita Sports Saloon 17hp.

FIAT Ardita

BSA Varsity Saloon 10hp.

BSA Varsity

Humber Vogue Saloon 12hp.

Humber Vogue

Stutz Speedster 37hp.

Stutz Speedster

Renault Six Vivastella 16hp.

Renault Vivastella

Whatever was the 10hp BSA Varsity saloon?

Most of the above I'd heard of before, and the majority of the cars shown appear somewhere or other on Old Classic Car already. However, the BSA Varsity was a new one on me. Despite looking around online, I can find no reference to this variant of the 10hp BSA car line. Perhaps it was a proposed model name that never actually saw light of day? Or maybe, it was a re-bodied version offered by a contemporary coachbuilder that saw no orders placed for it? There are plenty of photographs online of mid-1930s BSA 10hp saloons, but whereas the example illustrated above has rear-hinged front and rear doors, production saloons seem to have rear-hinged rear doors only, with the fronts bolted-on in the usual manner, at the forward edge.
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