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Do you work at a car museum? or is there a great museum tucked away near you that could be featured on this section of oldclassiccar? If so, please email me a few words about it (and a few digital pictures if possible) and I'll give it a free plug on this section of my old car site.
There are many old car museums dotted around the UK, some large well known organisations that received thousands of visitors every year. Others are perhaps less well known nationally, so if possible I'd like to feature them in this corner of the website, alongside more established collections.
In addition to motoring-only collections, there are plenty of other museums that perhaps concentrate on other aspects of history, but include an interesting assortment of motoring memorabilia on show as part of their overall display. If you know of any such setup, by all means forward me some info and I'll plug it on the site also.
This section isn't just restricted to car collections either. Museums aimed at people interested in old buses, commercial vehicles, bicycles, trams, microcars and such like are equally of interest.
If you'd like to see your favourite museum featured on oldclassiccar, simply email me via the contact page with some text about the museum, details of exhibits, your contact details, website address (if you have one), opening times, and anything else that you think is appropriate. A few photographs would be excellent. If you are outside of the UK, but would still like to be mentioned here, thats fine too as this site has an international audience.

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