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Review of old car brochures

Car brochures.

Literature relating to old cars has been a staple part of the Old Classic Car site's content since its formation in 2001. This section will focus on sales literature offered by vehicle manufacturers, in a bid to woo and tempt potential buyers into the driving seat of their cars, vans, pickups and commercial vehicles.
Without being a brochure collecter per se, I seem to have accumulated quite a few. In the 1980s and 1990s I'd regularly haunt dealerships around the country, in a bid to amass the latest sales brochures, price lists, specification sheets and colour charts, most of which I still have. Writing to manufacturers also bore fruit. I've also tended to buy brochures relating to cars I've owned, many of which I still have tucked away here.
Whereas websites and online configurators are all the rage now, I think there's something quite satisfying in holding and reading a printed sales catalogue, just as I prefer reading paper books as opposed to on a screen. Are print car brochures even produced any more? I've no idea. Here though they will continue to live on. Cars of the 1930s through to the 1970s will be the main focus, but as time moves on, more and more cars of later manufacture drift into the world of car collecting, as does memorabilia relating to them. For this reason, cars up to and including the 1980s will feature here, again drawn from my own collection of brochures. Pages will focus on a particular make and model, and include scans of a sample set of pages, accompanied by a Youtube video that looks at each publication in greater depth, and is viewable directly on the Old Classic Car site without having to venture over to YT.
If anyone has old-car brochures that they'd be willing to part with, and that would be appropriate to this section, please drop me a line via the contact page.

Brochure List.

- Fordson 10cwt Van (1938)
- Morris 1100 (1965)
- Standard 8 (1955)
- Triumph Spitfire Mk3 (1967)
If you have a collection of brochures like these and wish to find a home for them, please let me know. If, as content is added, you have particular memories - good or bad - about the cars that feature, I'd like to hear from you so that your first-hand recollections can be included on the relevant page(s).

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