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1938 Fordson 10cwt E83W Van.

I've several original sales brochures for Ford's 10cwt E83W van, built between 1938 and 1957. This particular brochure is for the very first Fordson E83W van of 1938. These earliest examples of Ford's 1/2 ton van bore a number of detailed differences when compared to their later cousins, and I cover these while flicking through this original brochure. All being well, I'll do further videos on other variations of the E83W theme - both Fordson and Thames versions, this though is the earliest I have, and only the van version is referred to within it. In later years, many extra versions based on the basic van chassis would be offered. If you're a fan of these classic vans, please take a look at the simple E83W website that I put together many years ago.
The video below takes a tour through this rare pre-war Ford publication from 1938.
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