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Rochdale Olympic Phase 2.

The subject of this page is the classic Rochdale Olympic home-built sports-car, first introduced in 1959. In this video, I take a look at a period sales leaflet for the Phase 2 version of 1963-onwards, powered by Ford's classic 1500cc four-cylinder engine. The Olympic differed to earlier models (GT, ST) in that it utilised monocoque (chassis-less) construction in its build, at a time when home-assembled kit cars, and specials, often still relied on a separate chassis with a fibreglass body bolted to it.
If you're registered with Youtube it would be interesting to read your comments regarding these sporting cars. I believe that the Rochdale Olympics sold in reasonable numbers back in the day, and quite a few are still around, thanks to its non-rusting body and a band of enthusiastic Rochdale owners and restorers keeping them going.
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