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See Homepage. This page: A brochure for the first SAAB 900 classic in turbocharged form, 1979.
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SAAB 900 turbo.

This brochure takes me back to the early 1980s when I acquired it, shortly after our family upgraded to a first-series 1979 SAAB 900 turbo from a much more pedestrian Volvo 144S. It wasn't a perfect car by any means, but it was a great car to drive (and be driven in). The combination of a sumptuous velour-clad interior, excellent ergonomics, superbly-comfortable seats and great practicality, joined by a very punchy 8-valve turbocharged engine, meant that every trip out in it was a pleasure. It's such a shame that SAAB became neutered under later GM ownership, before closing its factory doors for good. The world needs idiosyncratic cars such as the classic SAAB 900, to temper the swathes of identikit cars that most other mainstream manufacturers churn out in their millions.
I hope that this vid is of interest, it'd be neat to read comments from anyone else with experience of these early 900 turbos.
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