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See Homepage. This page: An advice booklet printed by Volvo to assist new-car owners in the 1970s.
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Driving Tips for Volvo Cars.

In the 1970s our family cars were mainly Volvos, first a 121 two-door, followed by a four-door 144S, and its with the latter that this rarely-seen publication arrived in our possession. Titled "Driving Tips for Volvo Cars", it seeks to educate the Volvo car owner with basic operating advice with regard to owning, maintaining and safely driving their new vehicle. It was printed in 1971 and uses a Volvo 144 as a basis for the guidance, although there are references to the 120 Amazon (121, 122S), the six-cylinder 164, and the sporty P1800/P1800E coupes.
The written advice is accompanied by an amusing collection of illustrations to help drive the various points home, one or two would probably be considered not-very-PC nowadays but it's all put together in a light-hearted way.
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