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1939 Dodge 2 ton & 3 ton (TH, TK) trucks.

A full-colour, wonderfully-illustrated, brochure for the 1939 2-ton (TH series) and 3-ton (TK series) Dodge trucks is the subject of this classic brochure review. All the main variants are described, along with their alternative wheelbase offerings, engine options (petrol/diesel), and payload capabilities. The brochure also features the COE (cab-over-engine) 3-tonners, and the streamlined, art-deco inspired, 2-ton schoolbus. If you like classic American trucks as I do, Dodges in particular, then this should be of interest.
As always, I'd very much welcome your thoughts on these classic trucks over in the comments section, below the video on Youtube.
Return to the vintage and classic car brochures section, here at Old Classic Car. The restoration of my own 3-ton Job-Rated Dodge from 1940 can be found here.

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