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See Homepage. This page: A period BMC sales brochure for the 1956-on AV5 series 1/4 ton van.
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Austin A35 van.

The Austin A35 5cwt van was introduced in 1956, replacing the earlier A30 van. During its production run, there were three (well, four..) main versions of the A35 van, although visually they didn't change a great deal between their launch in '56, and final disappearance from BMC dealerships in 1968. If you've ever wondered about the differences between the AV5, AV6, and A-AV8 vans, this video is for you.
The A-Series engine powered all the van versions, varying in capacity from 848cc through to 1098cc, and again details on the various eras of van and their powereplants are described in the video below. The brochure here dates to 1956-on, and covers the first A35 vans of 1956-onwards, ie the AV5s.
As always, I'd very much welcome your thoughts on A35s over in the comments section, below the video on Youtube.
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