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Triumph TR7.

The following Triumph TR7 brochure dates to September 1977, and was collected by myself new late in 1977 or early in 1978. The British Leyland (Jaguar-Rover-Triumph etc) garage it came from was Read & Son of Cheadle, Cheshire, situated on the high street but now replaced by shops.
The TR7 was built between late 1974 and 1981, initially in fixed-head coupe form only but later also available in drop-head coupe design. It led a troubled life, with production located at three different sites during its production run - namely Speke, Canley, and finally Solihull. It was very much a car of its time, very 1970s in its design, and had it not compared poorly in many respects with the previous TR6, deserved to to better than it did. Union strife coupled with indifferent management across the sprawling BL empire, only hobbled it yet further.
If you have any experience of the Triumph TR7 (or TR8), I'd very much welcome your thoughts over in the comments section, below the video on Youtube.
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