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See Homepage. This page: A full-colour brochure for the 1950s Skoda range.
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Skoda 1200 / 1201 brochure.

Was the Skoda 1200 a big seller here in the UK? Probably not, which makes this slightly fragile but original brochure probably something of a rarity.
Throughout this publication, the cars are referred to as the Skoda 1200, yet the specification given tends to suggest that the cars featured in it are actually for the revised, Skoda 1201, rather than the (near-identical admittedly) 1200. Perhaps a Skoda guru will confirm my thoughts over in the Youtube comments section. Videos are being uploaded regularly to the Old Classic Car Youtube channel, so please Subscribe to keep up with future uploads - possibly including vids for yet more classic Skodas if there's enough interest. Thanks.
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