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Standard 8 saloon car.

The following brochure relates to the Standard 8 saloons of the mid-1950s, in particular the Standard Super Eight, and the Family Eight. This brochure is dated 11/1955, so roughly in the middle of post-war Standard 8 production. The '8' can trace its roots back to the late 1930s with the Flying 8, and the post-war version simply known as the 8, but the Eight of 1953 was an all-new car. Gone were separate headlamps and chassis, and in were neat modern styling, monocoque construction, and a good driving experience for the motorist of the 1950s. The 8 began life as a very basic car, with sliding door glass, a single screen wiper, and no external bootlid, but as time went by, improvements were made to the range while maintaining a slight gap to the slightly plusher 10 model, which shared the same basic design but with various improvements, not least a slightly larger engine.
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