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Citroen SM brochure.

Produced between 1970 and 1975, the Maserati-powered Citroen SM V6 was a sleek and idiosyncratic high-speed grand tourer, positioned above the strong-selling DS in Citroen's model range and more complicated still thanks to its powerplant. This brochure dates to 1973 and consists mainly of well-executed, full-page, photographs, book-ended by a wordy introduction at the start, and a page of specifications at the end.
The Citroen SM never sold in great volumes, and after an initial flurry of sales in year 1 and into year 2, the numbers of cars sold began to ebb away as the car gained a reputation as being a complex and fickle mistress to maintain. The car's marriage of Citroen complexities (steering, suspension etc) and the demands of its Maserati engine, were perhaps just too much for customers looking for a GT-type car to contemplate, in the face of capable alternatives fielded by rival manufacturers. If you own an SM, or did "back in the day", it'd be interesting to read your comments over on Youtube.
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