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See Homepage. This page: The workhorse of the classic Minis range - the 95 van and 95 pickup, circa 1978.
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Mini 95 van & pickup brochure.

In 1978, British Leyland badged the Mini vans and pickups as the "95" van and pickup, and the following brochure dates to that year. The van version first came into being in 1960, with the pickup following along in 1961, badged either as an Austin or a Morris depending on the buyer's preference. By the late 1970s though, these classic Minis were well and truly immersed within the BL fold, and despite the passing of many years since the commercial versions' introduction, little had changed with regard to the basic van and pickup specification, when compared to the earliest versions. Detail changes were introduced throughout their production run of course, but these were evolutionary rather than revolutionary - witness the exterior door hinges for example, which went out on the Mini saloons with the introduction of the Mk3 in the early 1970s, yet remained on the van and pickup until their demise in 1983.
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