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Ford Popular 103E brochure & related 1950s leaflets.

The video below takes a walk through not just an original Ford Popular 103E sales brochure from 1953, but also a rare collection of Ford garage advice leaflets that were issued around 1950-1952.
The 103E brochure folds out into a full-colour poster for the classic Ford Pop, while the leaflets - all issued by a garage in Limerick - offer advice to owners of all Fords from the era, on subjects such as car servicing, replacement engines, dealing with a car stuck in a muddy field, and much much more. Models such as the Anglia E494A, Prefect E493A and Mk1 Consul all feature. I've not seen these leaflets anywhere else before or since. Were they issued by many garages at the time, or are these unique to this one particular garage? The video can be viewed in the window below, thanks for looking in.
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