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Austin 8 & 10 vans brochure.

This page takes a look through original Austin publications for the Austin 8 van (AV/AV1 type), and also the slightly larger Austin 10 van of the pre- and post-war eras (these brochures are dated 1947). As the economy looked to drag itself up from the mire of conflict, small vans proved to be both sought after by - and popular with - owners of small businesses across the land, offering ideal methods of transporting goods and related products across the country. The Austin 8 and 10 were Longbridge's answer to this demand and went wheel-to-wheel with rival vans from the likes of Morris, Hillman/Commer, and Ford/Fordson.
In this video, I look at an original sales flyer for the Austin 8 van (only), followed by a fold-out, full colour, brochure/poster for both the 8 and 10 vans. If you're registered with Youtube (not a requirement to just watch the video below), I'd appreciate your comments and thoughts about Austin 8s and 10s in the comments section, whether vans, cars, or tourers. Thanks for watching.
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