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Popular Classics in Britain.

Introduction to some of the cars most often seen at shows, and in magazines across the United Kingdom.

Elsewhere on oldclassiccar are thoughts on how to choose a classic car, and what type of car might be most suitable for you. For many people the reasons for running an old car include that of driving something a little bit unusual, and stand out from the masses, as they zip from A to B in their faceless modern tinboxes, turning a blind eye to the crippling depreciation in value that blights most modern cars.

Morris Oxford
Throughout the classic car movement are some old favourites that turn up on a regular basis, vehicles chosen perhaps because of an excellent spares backup, or ones that enjoy the support of an active owner's club. Many of these cars also enjoyed a lengthy production run, which goes a long way in ensuring that a good number survive into preservation. This in turn encourages specialist suppliers to maintain stocks of parts to keep these old motors on the road. This corner of oldclassiccar will feature a number of these popular classics, and give a brief history and background to these vehicles. Also included will be details of where more information on these particular cars can be found, and some leads on where parts to fit these cars can be sourced.

If you'd like to pen a few words to make the case for a particular popular classic that you're a fan of, please feel free to drop me a line and I'll get it added in. I'm especially keen to hear about cars that are popular outside of the UK, such as in Canada, Australia, the USA, and across Europe. What particular model(s) have a huge following in these countries? I'd be very interested to hear from overseas visitors to oldclassiccar about this!

Cars will be added to this section over the coming weeks, so please have a look in again soon.

Ford Anglia 105E 1959 - 1967
Ford 105E

Morris Minor 1948 - 1971
Morris 1000

Triumph Herald 1959-1971
Herald 1200 saloon

Due soon :-

Ford Pop 103E
BMC Mini
VW Beetle
Jaguar Mk2

and many more due shortly ..

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Popular Fords of the 1930s - 1950s.

The small British Fords of the 1930s onwards make for popular classic car choices today. In the video below, I present 100 photographs of the Ford 8s and 10s from this era, including the 103E Popular, the E494A Anglia, and the upright sit-up-and-beg Prefects, not forgeting pre-war cars such as the 7W, 7Y, and the Model Y.

British Saloons of the 1950s & 1960s.

Some of the most usable classic British cars, that still retain a real olde worlde charm, date to the 1950s and 1960s. Below is one of a series of videos I've uploaded to the OCC Youtube channel featuring a selection of (mainly) preserved examples.

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