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See Homepage. This page: A look at collectable book titles, including old books, and those published recently.

Vintage & Classic Car book reviews.

The type of book that will be featured here shortly, A Catechism of the Motor Car, published in 1912
Since the earliest motor-cars spluttered onto our roads, scattering horse-drawn carriages and cyclists in their wake, there have been publications available, explaining the innermost workings of the combustion engine, and the chassis they were strapped into. Initially the non-motorist saw the motorcar as an evil of modern times, churning up the unmade road surfaces, and leaving a cloud of dust and smoke hovering over their wheel tracks, as they sped by at a terrifying pace. Gradually, as more people read about, and began to understand, the advantages that the mechanised chariot could offer, so too the uptake of motor vehicles large and small increased.
This section of the site will review some of the books that have been published about cars and other forms of transport, since the earliest days of motoring. It will also look at more recent publications that focus on the history of the motor-car, motor racing, or elements of the motor trade. If other forms of car literature are of interest, then maybe this intro to collecting different types of motoring literature as a hobby, may be of interest also.

Recent Books.

Ted Whiteaway Ted Whiteaway - One of The Last Private Racing Drivers.
Patricia Whiteaway.
Pozor! Pozor! The Automotive Landscape in Czechoslovakia in the Seventies.
Theo Barten & Maarten Swarts.
Silverstone 1948 Silverstone's First Grand Prix.
Anthony Meredith & Gordon Blackwell.
Cornish Road Transport Cornish Road Transport - Through Time.
Ernie Warmington.
Around the world in a Napier car Around The World in a Napier.
Andrew M. Jepson.
Two books on Lotus cars 1. Team Lotus - My View From The Pit Wall & 2. Colin Chapman - The comic-strip biography.
Peter Warr & Simon Taylor, Denis Bernard.
Silverstone racing circuit book Silverstone Circuit - Through Time.
Anthony Meredith & Gordon Blackwell.
Unusual motorcycles Unusual motorcycles.
Francois-Marie Dumas.
Vintage motorcyclist workshop The Vintage Motorcyclists' Workshop.
Citroen DS Citroen DS - The most beautiful car in the world.
Daniel Denis & Thibaut Amant.
Rockin' Garages Rockin' Garages.
Tom Cotter & Ken Gross.
1970s Formula One book Formula 1 in Camera 1970-79.
Paul Parker. >
Vintage motoring book The Vintage Years of Motoring 1920s & 1930s.
A.B. Demaus.
Standard cars book The Book of the Standard Motor Company.
Graham Robson.
MGB Roadster and GT book MGB - The Illustrated History.
Jonathan Wood and Lionel Burrell.
History of race car transporters Inside the Paddock - Racing Car Transporters At Work.
David Cross.
Weird Cars Weird Cars - A Century of the World's Strangest Cars.
Stephen Vokins.
Shelby Cobra book Shelby Cobra - Fifty Years.
Colin Comer.
Kit car book A-Z of Kit Cars..
Steve Hole.
Ford Cortina book Ford Cortina - The Complete History.
Russell Hayes.
Bentley car book Bentley - A Racing History.
David Venables.
Motor racing book Motor Racing - The Pursuit of Victory 1930 - 1962.
Anthony Carter.
Porsche 911 book The Complete Book of Porsche 911.
Randy Leffingwell.
Le Mans motor race book Le Mans 1949-59 The Official History of the World's Greatest Motor Race.
Quentin Spurring.
Routemaster book Routemaster Bus Enthusiasts' Manual
Andrew Morgan.
A-Series engine book The A-Series Engine - Its First Sixty Years
Graham Robson.
Station Wagons book American Station Wagons - The Golden Era 1949-1975
Norm Mort.
Steve McQueen car book Steve McQueen - A Passion For Speed
Frederic Brun.
MG sportscars MG - Britain's Favourite Sports Car
Malcolm Green/Andrew Roberts.
Cars of Eastern Europe book Cars of Eastern Europe
Andy Thompson.
Mercedes-Benz book Mercedes-Benz.
Dennis Adler.
Maharajas and Their Magnificent Motor Cars book The Maharajas & Their Magnificent Motor Cars.
Gautam Sen.
Derek Bell sportscar driver car book Derek Bell - My Racing Life.
Derek Bell and Alan Henry.
Sir William Lyons / Jaguar car book Sir William Lyons The Official Biography.
Philip Porter and Paul Skilleter.
Austin-Healey book Austin-Healey The Bulldog Breed.
Jon Pressnell.
Ghost Towns of Route 66 book Ghost Towns of Route 66.
Jim Hinckley & Kerrick James.
Me And My MG car book Me And My MG.
Gordon Thorburn.
My First Car book My First Car.
Matt Stone.
Automobiles Lost and Found book Automobiles Lost & Found.
Michael Ware.
Alfa Romeo book Alfa Romeo. Always With Passion.
David Owen.
Real Racers pub. 2011 Real Racers.
Stuart Codling.
Jowett classic cars book pub. 2010 Jowett - A Century of Memories.
Noel Stokoe.
Advertising vintage automobiles book Vintage Advertising - Old Automobiles.
Norm Clark.
Motoring Around Kent book Motoring Around Kent - The First Fifty Years.
Tim Harding & Bryan Goodman.
Austin 7 book republished 2008 The Austin Seven.
Jonathan Wood.
Coachbuilding book pub. 2008 Coachbuilding - The Handcrafted Car Body.
Jonathan Wood.
Rust book pub. 2006 Rust - May Need Slight Attention.....
Roger Fogg.

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