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May Need Slight Attention....

Roger Fogg.
Blue Hill Publishing.
ISBN No: 0-9549005-3-7
Published 2006.
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UK RRP 11.99

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There are certain people to whom this paperback book will appeal. If your idea of heaven is receiving a selection of valeting goods, with which to tend your cossetted classic, then perhaps this is not the book for you. But if you, like me, spend your time driving around with eyes in the side of your head, scanning hedgerows and farmers' fields, looking for interesting piles of rust in the corner, then this could well appeal!
The introduction on the rear cover, penned by Roger Fogg, includes the following words, words that will sound familiar to many long-suffering people, whose partners and/or loved ones seem to relish the rust: "... it's a book of rusty fossils that are not much good. It [the book] takes a look at things which most sane people have thrown away, never wishing to set eyes on ever again. This collection of objects all got worn out, bent, broken, and finally discarded .... I just like poking around, finding things in bushes and sheds and trying to see if they can be restored, used for spares, or possibly even to make a few quid. I know I am not alone in this. "Rust" is for those people who feel the need to stop the car suddenly and look over the hedge because something interesting caught their eye, or who like to peer into darkened sheds and skips".
This 152 page book is a collection of images showing some of Roger's interesting 'discoveries', and also photos of rusty artefacts sent in by people he knows who also appreciate the crusty things in life. The cover shows a rare Ford 400E-based vehicle, known as the "Powertruc", and sets the standard for the contents within, although the photographs inside are all reproduced in black and white. There are no chapters, and no index, just page after page of rusting machine, all now silent but all with a story to tell no doubt. Road vehicles make up the bulk of the book's contents, but many other discarded, decaying and derelict delights also feature. Enthusiasts of rusted buses, lorries, boats, tractors and implements, aircraft, motorcycles and cars, will all find something to bring a tear to the eye, photographed at rest in the corner of yards, fields and sheds across the United Kingdom. Smaller items such as corroding old-style numberplates, enamel signs, kettles, prams and seized stationary engines also make a welcome appearance, all articles that were once commonplace, but now are rarely encountered.
If you, like Mr Fogg, enjoy seeing faded relics of a byegone era, and prefer rust to rosettes, then I can recommend this picture book.
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