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Author's note: The Copyright for the images below rests with the original taker, I assume. If anyone objects to me showing a particular image below, please contact me. Some colour images have not scanned in too well - my apologies.

Old motoring postcards (Page 1)

  I have been collecting old car memorabilia for many years. My collection, which threatens to swamp a number of rooms in my house, encompasses old motoring maps, photographs, postcards, stamps, signs, brochures and so on. More recently I have also been collecting motor racing memorabilia.

However throughout all this, I have always kept a keen eye open at toy fairs, trade fairs, collectors / antique auctions and the like for old transport photos and postcards. Whereas there are plenty of reproduction postcards available, I try to find original postcards and, if possible, original photographs, with a transport theme - whether it be vintage automobile or classic aircraft related.

Below are some of my favourite old motoring images, to which I will add when I get time in coming weeks. If you can identify any of the historic vehicles that appear in the postcards, please contact me and I will add the details to this web site. There is also a section for humorous motoring postcards dating to the 1930s/40s.

If you have an old postcard for sale, please let me know - I have no specific 'wanted' list but if its similar to those below, I might be interested in buying it off you.
Postcard of Rugby high street Clifton Road, Rugby. I bought this old postcard a couple of years ago. The frank on the back is dated October 1956. A brief message on the back says that Jack was enjoying the weather - 'no rain yet'! The nice quiet street scene, probably taken early 1950s, shows to the left an early Morris Minor Convertible MOC396. Parts of the image have been airbrushed - the car in front could be a Triumph 1800 (Bergerac style). Look! no double yellow lines!
Postcard of llandudno The Promenade & Little Orme Llandudno. From the 1950s again, no message on the back of this one. Shows the North Wales town of Llandudno, photographed from one of the Hotels on the sea front, looking out to the Little Orme.
There are a number of vintage cars on display here. Theres a 1930's Standard parked facing us, with what looks like a Triumph 1800 parked on the other side of the road. Back in the 1950s the local motor clubs used to hold sprint motor sport meetings on the prom!
Another photo of llandudno Llandudno. Another view of Llandudno, this time looking towards the pier and Grand Hotel. Lots of 1930s and 1940s cars here, from makers such as Morris nearest, with an Austin behind (wartime headlamp grille fitted on offside only), another Morris, then possibly a Morris 8 and many more. A lone Austin sits on the lefthand side of the road. Way way back there is a 3 wheeler, although whether its a BSA or Morgan I don't know.
Hoddesdon Hoddesdon. A lovely old postcard of Hoddesdon High Street, dating back to the late 1920s or early 1930s. This image would have been black and white originally, and then retouched with colour prior to printing. Lots of vintage machines here, the gentleman on the right tending to something on his vintage car - note the wooden wheels.
san francisco San Francisco. To quote: "World's Finest Parking Garage. Located in the heart of city's hotel - theater - shopping district. 1200 stalls - 11 floors. An exciting experience to drive in, drive up, park your own car - lock it if you wish. DOWNTOWN CENTER GARAGE. Corner Mason & O'Farrell Streets, San Francisco.". Published by Geo H. Eberhard California. Looks very 1950s to me, with only a few American cars at the bottom left to savour. Is this car park still in existence? Why all the hoo haa over a car park??
Keswick Keswick. Very 1930s shot of the James Easton King's Head Hotel, Thirlspot, Keswick in Cumbria (Lake District). Couple of open topped tourers parked outside, their owners no doubt indulging in the 'Luncheons and Teas' advertised on a small sign, below the AA sign, hanging from a wooden post. Posted September 15th 1940, almost a year into World War 2. It says "..We go home tomorrow, sorry to leave this peaceful spot but think it wisest to get home to await whatever happens.." .. presumably another reference to WW2.
port isaac Port Isaac. Zooming forward in time to the 1960s now, and the harbour at Port Isaac, posted 16 May 1967. Classic cars on show include Austin Cambridge 571 UAF, a convertible Triumph Herald or Vitesse, the possibly a Vauxhall Victor (?), with on the opposite side another Farina, a Vauxhall VX4/90, an Austin 1100 and an estate car furthest away. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, with example of proper wooden boats bobbing up and down in the water.
tenterden Tenterden. A nice shot of the Tudor Rose tea rooms in Tenterden. Rather nice car parked outside (Could be a Morris Cowley doctors coupe but then again I could be completely wrong!), registration KM-975. To the right are adverts for local bus or coach trips. The sign up top list destinations such as Maidstone, Faversham, Ashford and more - so was there a bus station alongside, out of shot? The signs advertise 'special trips', run by 'Maidstone and District' which I believe is an old omnibus operator of the era.
southport Southport. Another retouched image, this time of Lord St in Southport, Lancashire, posted October 1952 but a scene from much earlier I'd suggest. Shops to the left include a Pursers, Finlay & Co. (Tobacconists), a cafe, then a chemist .. an Austin 7 is pottering towards us, whilst on the left is a vintage car, registration CFY 286, parked behind JYL 782. The card was sent to an address in Carmarthen, South Wales and the text of the note is all in Welsh, so I've no idea what it says!
westlooe West Looe. Another 1930s/1940s postcard (unused), taken just down from Leans Lending Library, doubling up as the local Post Office with CGN 60 parked outside. Further up the road is a reading room, with a nice early Ford 8 ERL 963 heading our way (note bumper painted in wartime white colours - to aid visibility while driving during blackouts). Pursing is CEL 919, although I'm not sure what it is - a Lanchester perhaps??
Canterbury Canterbury. NEW An old sepia postcard, with the Falstaff Hotel and Westgate Towers in Canterbury on show. Parked on the left is one of those curious little 3 wheel vans, perhaps a Reliant or a Raleigh-derived van. It looks like it was used on local deliveries, its driver is sorting through some of the produce in the back. Facing the other way is a cracking old truck, American by the looks of it and quite a rare sight in the UK. Perhaps an International or a White?
Beaune Beaune, France. NEW A French postcard this time, showing the village of Beaune in the Cote d'Or, specifically La Place du Faubourg Madeleine. It looks like a 1970s view, with the following cars visible: Citroen CX, Triumph Spitfire Mk4 or 1500, Citroen Mehari, a rare Renault 15 coupe, a Chrysler Alpine (rattle rattle), early 2CV (no rear 3/4 window), Mk1 Fiesta, Audi 50 (I think), Renault 5, Renault 14 & 4 to name just some!
Lymington Isle of Wight Lymington, Isle of Wight. NEW Interesting postcard, franked in 1976 but probably showing a scene from 10 years or so earlier. It shows the car ferry at Lymington, with a grey Mini pickup and 4dr Austin 1100 driving aboard.
Ulverston Ulverston, Lake District. NEW This PC is franked 1968, and shows the Market Place in Ulverston. It looks like a b/w picture that has been re-coloured somewhat. Identifiable cars include Morris Minors (including a convertible), a Mk2 Ford, Rover P4, and a Hillman Husky.
Appleby Boroughgate, Appleby. NEW A busy little scene on this PC, franked in 1963. Cars visible include a Land Rover, F Series Victor, Minor, Mk7-9 Jaguar, Wolseley 1500, Mk2 Ford, Moggy Traveller, CA panel van and in the distance a Commer Cob.
Colwyn Bay, Wales Colwyn Bay in Wales. NEW An undated postcard this time, but must have been taken in the 19303 or 1940s. It shows the promenade at Colwyn Bay, with holidaymakers in attendance. In the background is the pier looking resplendant and busy. Many cars are parked at the roadside although most are tricky to identify. Nearest the camera is a six-light Wolseley saloon, with an Austin parked behind. Next up is a Ford Model C/CX, and a Morris 8 behind that.
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