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Automobilia, and other car-related collectables.

Pratts High Test fuel
Since its debut in late 2001, Old Classic Car has grown in many different directions, usually in a slightly haphazard fashion, as new ideas spring to mind and older ones get swiftly forgotten. A quick look at the homepage will present a list of car articles, on everything from running, choosing and driving old cars, through to some buyer's guides, large galleries containing images old and new, vintage road signs, toy cars, illustrated childrens book covers, classifieds, my own classics, your classics, and on and on.

As a collector of all motor-related memorabilia, many items in my own automobilia collection don't really fit in any particular section, hence this new corner of the website, which will grow to contain all manner of snippets, ephemera, old adverts, book mentions, and any oddities that I come across in my travels. Everything on this page has been grouped into one of three categories: 1. Make or Model Specific, 2. Old Garage, Business & Motor Factor billheads and invoices, and 3. Miscellaneous automobilia.

Other collectables on oldclassiccar
If you collect this kind of thing too, have a look at the free-to-list Automobilia adverts section. The Motoring Games section may be of interest too. A section added in 2007 covers the collecting of cigarette & trading cards from the 30s to the 60s, and if old comic postcards are your thing, check out these car-related humorous postcards. Anyone interested in old oil and petrol company memorabilia, may find this article on petroliana of interest. Finally, a new section featuring some of my own motoring gadgets is gradually being added to the site.

Motoring and car-related collectables

Make or model specific....
Albion Motor Car Company Ltd
  (Original factory letters from 1929)
Ariel Price List 1948-1949
  (Prices for the Square Four, Red Hunter etc motorcycles)
Aston-Martin & Lagonda tourers
  (Period press photo featuring two roadsters)
Austin - 1930's touring book
  ("Seeing Britain & the Continent from an Austin")
Austin 12/6 competition
  (An entry ticket to win a 12/6 Harley, dated 1932.)
Austin 1100 Car Care Cards
  (1968 set of 'Jack Brabham's Car Care Cards'.)
Austin 1800 taxi
  (Old drinks coaster from Radio Cabs of Sale, Mcr.)
Austin 20 Test Drive
  (Austin Motor Show invite, Vincent's of Reading, 1921.)
Austin A40 Accessories
  (BMC Approved Accessories for the A40 Farina, 1960.)
Austin A40 Dorset & Devon Colours
  (Factory publication from 1947/1948.)
Austin Aero Works (Longbridge, 1940)
  (WW2 Luftwaffe aerial photographic print.)
Austin of England memorabilia
  (Original Austin paint tins and A35 sweeties!)
Babs - Parry-Thomas' LSR car
  (Featured on a 1927 copy of The Nelson Lee comicbook)
Bedford Drivers Club
  (A BDC members' handbook from 1949/1950)
"Blue Bird" & Sunbeam Land Speed Record
  (Both cars feat. on 1927 copies of The Nelson Lee)
BMC Approved Accessories
  (Inc. a leaflet specific to the Morris 1100 1964/1965)
BMC - For Your Safety booklet
  (A guide to employee safety in BMC car factories)
BMC, Kennings, Newton Oil ++ matches
  (Various free motoring-related matchbooks)
BMC Passport to Service
  (Austin 1100 service booklet from 1964)
BSA motorcycle hire purchase
  (A new dealer scheme for 1962)
BSA Sunbeam scooters
  (Price lists for 1961 and 1962)
Canterbury Motor Car Company
  (A sales catalogue for Canterbury cars, 1904)
Chicago Electric
  (Correspondence from this electric car maker in 1914)
Citroen 2CV Type AZ
  (2CV advertising leaflet dating to 1956)
Commer Cob Van (Accessories)
  (Accessories leaflet for the Series 1 Cob)
Fairthorpe Cars Ltd
  (Leaflet for the Electron, Electron Minor, & Rockette)
Ford Anglia
  (Two period drinks mats featuring the 105E)
Ford Body Colours
  (Colour options for 100E, Mk1 Consul, Zephyr Six, Zodiac)
Ford Factory-Built Engine Exchange
  (Factory re-conditioned engines from Ford in 1961)
Ford Model A & AC
  (The first Ford cars of 1903 and 1904)
Ford Prefect 100E competition prize
  (Prize draw ticket from 1957 to win a new Prefect)
Ford Motor Company (Aero Engines)
  (Wartime papers, Trafford Park, Manchester)
Ford V8 (France production)
  (Stationery ref: the French-built Ford V8 of the 1930s)
Ford V8 (German market)
  (Original dealer poster from 1938)
Frank Morrish & Co. 1904
  (Maker of cycles and the Speedwell Light Car)
Healey Silverstone
  (Flyer for Charles Mortimer's book in 1951)
Heinkel Cabin Scooter manual
  (A battered original handbook for the 3 wheeler)
Hercules Bicycles
  (Sale promotion letter dating to 1926)
Hillman Minx Christmas present
  (Treat your lady to a new Minx at Christmas!!)
Hobart 2.5hp motorcycle from 1915
  (Insurance document from 1923-1924)
Holden Coupe Utility pickup
  (An original advert for this Australian Ute)
Hudson Essex Motors Limited
  (A receipt from Hudson Essex in 1933, and a 1929 letter)
Humber Hawk raffle ticket
  (A raffle ticket that won a 1951 Hawk at RAF Changi)
Jaguar Mark V artwork.
  (Contemporary '40s painting used in advertising lit.)
James Cycle Company Ltd.
  (Invoice for this cycles & motorcycles company 1932)
Jeep parts & conversions (Metamet).
  (1951 and 1953 catalogues)
Jowett Javelin photograph
  (Late 1940s artwork for the British Javelin car)
Lanchester Motor Company Ltd
  (Original invoices issued by Lanchester in 1933)
Lancia (England) Ltd
  (An invoice for Lancia car parts, 1938)
Marina Taxis, Victoria Garage
  (A pair of 1970s Marinas used in Whitchurch)
Maserati 4CLT/48
  (Baron de Graffenried on the cover of Eagle comic, 1963)
Matchless L/3 350cc sales leaflet
  (Published 1924)
Matchless motorcycles (H Collier)
  (Old invoice from H Collier & Son 1928)
Morris Cowley & Oxford "bullnose"
  (Prize draw in 1924 to win a brand new Morris)
Morris Minor tourer 1930s
  (Old snippet from a sales catalogue)
Morris Motors insurance (1924)
  (A Morris dealer's aide-memoire)
Morris Oxford motorists' road guide
  (A 1920s guide offered by Morris Agents Dallas & Co.)
NSU Quickly
  (Mid-1950s sales leaflets for the Quickly moped)
NSU Sport Prinz
  (An advertising postcard from the factory)
Nuffield Motoring Diary 1965
  (Leather pocket diary given to customers)
Renault motor-car 1929
  (Receipt for vintage Renault at George Newman & Co. Ltd.)
Railton 6 cylinder cars
  (Original sales leaflet from 1938)
Rolls-Royce promotional lorry
  (A Silver Ghost (?) used by Notwen Oils)
Singer & Co. Limited
  (Old headed paperwork dating to 1931)
Singer Chamois training course
  (Info on a Singer training course run by the Rootes Group)
Singer SM1500 artwork
  (Great 1950s advertising art for this car)
Standard Eight in Hotspur!
  (A 1955 Eight features in this children's comic)
Standard Vanguard Alpine Trial
  (Booklet describing a gruelling Alpine test of this new car)
Standard Vanguard Spacemaster
  (Australian-badged version of the Phase 2 Vanguards)
Triumph 1300 notepads
  (Two small notepads for the 1300 fwd)
Triumph Herald 948
  (Artwork used to advertise the first of the Heralds)
Triumph Tiger T100
  (Invoice issued by the Meriden Works in 1952)
Vauxhall 14 on a calendar
  (Humorous post-war calendar featuring a Vauxhall saloon)
Vauxhall (1928)
  (Correspondence on Vauxhall headed paper)
Vauxhall Approved Accessories (1973)
  (Leaflet for Viva HC and Victor FE accessories)
Vauxhall-Bedford Short Motors
  (1968 leaflet for factory-built short engines)
Vauxhall Radios
  (Car radios & stereo cassette players in 1973)
Vauxhall Victor FB estate prize
  (Win-a-car competition from 1964)
Vauxhall Viva HC Accessories & Firenza Prices
  (Two factory leaflets from 1970/1971)
Volkswagen Beetle colours.
  (Colour chart for 1961/1962 Beetles)
Volkswagen KDF-Wagen.
  (Brochure scan for the 1938 VW Beetle)
Volvo 122S Colours.
  (Leaflet from 1961)
Wolseley Viper 6 cyl.
  (A big saloon from the 1930s)
Old Garage & Motor Factor billheads, letters, posters and invoices.
Aberdeen Motors Limited
  (Motor Engineers, illustrated statement 1927)
A.C. Penman (Queensberry Motor Works)
  (Work done on Darracq and Perry cars in 1920)
Adlards Motors Ltd (Allard)
  (1943 letter issued by constructor of Allard cars)
A. Humpherson Removals
  (1920s letterhead feat. solid-tyred lorry)
A.J. Dew & Co.
  (Trade sale of discounted parts in 1922)
A.J. Jones - Castle Cycle & Motor Works
  (Illustrated receipt for this motorcycle & bicycle agent)
A.J. White, Automobile Engineer (Bruton)
  (1924 letter re cancelled order for a new Rover car)
A.S. Tilley (Garage) Limited
  (A job offer letter from 1950)
Albert Schofield (Charabanc)
  (Char-a-banc, taxi and motor lorry proprietor 1928)
Aldby Garage (Taxi Propr.)
  (Taxi hire in the 1930s)
Astley Brook & Co. Ltd. asbestos garage
  (Illustrated letter re ABC Garages from 1935)
Attwood's Garage, Stafford
  (Letter re sale of a new Austin 8 Van & K4 Lorry, 1945)
A. & W.C. Henderson engineers
  (Invoice for car hire in Rosehearty dating to 1933)
Aylsham Motor Co. (Ford Model T)
  (Garage repairs undertaken in 1925)
Barrie's Garage for Lodge Plugs
  (An illustrated garage receipt issued in 1937)
Board's Garage
  (Relating to the sale of a new Thames 307E van in 1964)
Bournemouth Imperial Motors Ltd
  (A receipt for a new Austin 10 saloon bought in May 1946)
Bowring Petroleum Co. Ltd
  (Ten cans of motor spirit, purchased in 1919)
Bradley's Whitehouse Motor Service
  (Receipts issued by a Standard dealer in the 1950s)
Briggs Garage / Alan Cobham
  (A letter from Sir Alan Cobham to Briggs Garage)
Broad's Garage
  (An unused letterhead for 1930s lorry & van hire)
C.A. Brown Limited
  (Old trucks on a windowcleaner's invoice)
C. Bower of Chesterfield
  (Papers, drivers license etc charabanc & limo hire)
Broadway Autos Ltd
  (Sale of a Vauxhall Victor in 1959)
Camden Garages
  (Repairs to a Cubitt following a road accident, 1920s)
Car Mart Limited
  (Literature from 1931 and 1937 relating to the company)
Cass's Motor Mart Ltd
  (1936 invoice ref the sale of an 18hp MG)
Cater Motor Company (Henlys)
  (Correspondence from 1937 regarding a new Austin)
Central Garage (Brecon) Ltd
  (Illustrated letters from 1944 & 1947)
Central Motors (St. Andrews) Limited
  (Invoice for work done on an Austin 10 in 1938)
Central Oil Company Limited
  (2 illustrated letters sent to a Bovey Tracey garage, 1922)
Clwyd Motor Company
  (Invoice for the sale of a Rover motorcar, 1925)
Coles Garage (Somerset.)
  (Motor servicing including vulcanisation & welding)
Colmans Garage
  (An invoice from 1956 for work done on a Standard car)
County Garage, Taunton
  (More work done on the same Standard in 1956)
Crowther & Pickup Ltd (Haulage Contractors)
  (An invoice issued by this haulage firm during WW2)
Cyril Morgan Ltd, Caerphilly
  (1955 letter ref Ford 103E, Standard 8 & Velocette MAC)
D. Redfearn Ltd
  (Receipt for purchase of a new Triumph 2000 in 1973)
Dartmoor Motor Works & Garage
  (Charges issued back in July 1921)
David Sloan & Son (Dumfries)
  (Work done to a Daimler, Singer & Darracq)
Diary of a country garage
  (A workbook for 1932 and 1933)
Dias & Co. (Carlisle)
  (1924 sale of a bullnose Morris Cowley)
Donald Denoon Motors (Chelmsford)
  (Papers ref the sale of a new Ford 100E in 1961)
Ewen Limited
  (Motor & Cycle accessories invoice, dated 1932)
F.G. Smith Motors Ltd
  (Automobile Engineers & Agents in Essex)
F.H. Peacock & Co.
  (Invoice for work done to a Ford car in 1933)
F.J. Grandin & Co. Ltd.
  (Invoice issued by this Morris cars business in Jersey)
F. Taylor Ltd (Salford).
  (Work done to a Humber Super Snipe in 1967)
Fields Garages Ltd
  (Work done to a vintage Bean motorcar, 1923)
Ford's Garage & Cycle Co.
  (Invoice for petrol and deposits on fuel tins, 1919)
Four Lanes Garage.
  (Receipt for the purchase of an Austin 10 in 1939)
Frank Ellis (Automobile Engineers).
  (Invoice for laying up a car during WW2, in Didsbury)
F.W. Lomas (Hawker motorcycles)
  (Letterheading for Swift's Row Garage, 1922)
G.A. Robilliard & Son Ltd
  (A kerbside petrol station in Rohais, Guernsey)
Garage Ticket Book
  (Pre-war book used to book in cars for work/storage)
G.C. Macandrew & Company
  (Car sales, repair & service in Edinburgh)
George Park & Co. Ltd
  (Removals by steam lorry, Southsea, 1926)
Glenbrook Garage (Pembs.)
  (Automobile & Electrical Engineers in S. Wales)
Godfrey's Ltd (Sunbeam agent)
  (Letter relating to a 1935 Sunbeam & Watsonian sidecar)
Gosling's Luxury Coaches
  (Coach operator in Lincolnshire)
G.R. Barrett & Son
  (Motoragents in Canterbury, 1928)
Gray's Motor Services (vehicle hire)
  (Invoice for vehicles hired during May 1934)
H & G Robinson Ltd
  (Letter regarding a Packard in 1938)
Harper's Modern Coach Works
  (Prices for paintwork - 1920s/1930s)
H.D. Jones - Ivy House Garage
  (Invoice from May 1940)
Heath Park Garage (Romford)
  (Old purchase receipts from this motor agents)
Hobday Brothers Limited
  (Motor & cycle accessory suppliers, 1927)
Hopkins Garage
  (Standard-Triumph agent in Bideford, Devon, 1968)
J. Goddard & Son, 1935
  (1930s invoice for Daimler limo hire)
J.J. Greenfield (Vauxhall), 1940
  (Dynamo repair work in Newcastle Upon Tyne)
James Hodgson (Bean & Ford cars)
  (Letter from this Carlisle motor engineer in 1928)
James Strick & Sons, 1936
  (1930s invoice illustrated with '20s lorries)
John Bragg & Son Haulage, 1925
  (1920s invoice for this haulage & char-a-banc operator)
John Dowley & Son, Astley, Salop
  (Receipt for a repaired axle in 1941)
John Goodall & Co., 1941
  (Work done to an RAF officer's Austin 10/4)
Jones' Garage, 1938
  (Invoice from automobile engineers in Somerset)
Jos. May Removals Company lorry, 1928
  (Original headed letter featuring ex-WW1 removals van)
Kings of Oxford (Austin)
  (Correspondence from the Austin garage to a customer)
KLM Motors Ltd
  (Wartime letter dating to August 1940)
Le Lacheur's Garage (Guernsey)
  (Illustrated statement from 1938)
Manor Motor Company Ltd
  (Invoice for a 15.7hp Crossley motor-car)
The Maple Leaf Garage (Clifton)
  (Correspondence re Morris & Singer saloons)
Martin Winser Limited
  (Pre-war statement issued by this garage, 1928)
Mears Garage
  (Record of a new Morris 1300 Traveller sold in 1969)
M.H. Tilley & Son Motor & Cycle Engineers
  (An invoice from 1913 detailing work done to a Rover)
Moir & Davie Motor Engineers
  (A '30s invoice for new 6v batteries and re-charging)
Moore's Presto Motor Works Ltd
  (Sale of a new Austin 12 Clifton touring car in 1928)
Moortown Motors Ltd
  (Invoices & letters relating to this VW & Porsche garage)
Motor Mart Ltd
  (Sale of a Riley Lynx Tourer in 1939)
Norwich Motor Co. Ltd. (Rootes)
  (Invoice for Humber car parts in 1956)
Over Tabley Garage
  (Invoice raised by T. Walley at Tabley Garage)
Paragon (Hull) Motor Co. Ltd
  (Letter regarding a new Morris Six)
Parker's Ltd - Calthorpe 12/20
  (Papers ref the sale of a new Calthorpe tourer in 1926)
Parker's Ltd - Singer 10hp
  (Documents re the sale of a Singer 10 in 1924)
Plumtree & Searle (Sheffield)
  (Part-ex a Morris Minor against a 100E Prefect)
Priory Garage
  (Invoice for taxi hire, 1927)
Raja Cycle & Motor Garage
  (1928 receipt from this Indian automobile repairer)
Ray Powell Ltd
  (Papers for a new Wolseley sale in 1935)
Ray Powell Ltd - 1970s garage
  (School poster of a 1970s Chrysler/Rootes garage)
Raymond Way Motors Ltd
  (Windscreen adverts for a 1960s Ford Anglia)
Red Ric's Automobiles
  (Receipt for a new Mk1 Consul in 1954)
Reginald Tildesley Ltd
  (1940 sale of a new Fordson tractor in Welshpool)
Royal Garage, Hull
  (1948 invoice for work done to a V8 Ford)
Russell Bros Motor Hearse hire
  (1931 invoice for use of motor hearse and driver)
Ryde Garage IOW
  (Desk blotter from September 1939)
Sandygate Garage, Sheffield
  (Car hire from Harold Barker of Sandygate, 1938)
Stewart & Ardern Ltd (Morris)
  (1920s papers & a 1950s photo of this Morris dealer)
Stourvale Garage
  (Re-commissioning an Austin car laid up in the war)
Swan Garage
  (Invoice for this Carlisle garage, 1924)
Swan Motors (Yardley)
  (Invoice for a Bedford CA Dormobile in 1961)
Sydney Smith Garage Ltd
  (Illustrated invoice feat. the art-deco style garage)
The Epping Motor Coach Works
  (Correspondence with the AA re: this repairer, 1956)
The General Motor & Tyre Co.
  (Stamped invoice & envelope, September 1926)
The Tenbury Baths Co. Ltd.
  (1928 letter-heading for this Kidderminster-based garage)
The Western Motor Company Ltd, Glasgow.
  (1907 letter regarding the sale of a Delaunay-Belleville)
Vale Avenue Motor Works
  (Guernsey-based car garage, 1934)
W. Boots & Co.
  (1923, vintage lorry operators in Chatham)
W.H. Tapp & Co. Ltd.
  (London-based garage and showrooms, 1920s)
W.J. Bladder
  (Lighting-up table from The Worcester Garage)
W.J. Reynolds (Ford & Fordson)
  (Papers for this garage, 1936)
W.J.C. Motors
  (Receipt for purchase of Riley 9, in 1933)
W. & J. Smith & Son (Thropton).
  (1954 invoice for this Morpeth motor engineering co.)
W. Wilson (Vauxhall agent).
  (Paperwork from 1939 for this RAC-approved garage)
Walter Brown & Son.
  (Vintage-era lorry features on this invoice)
Warmington's Garage.
  (Invoice for pool petrol sales, 1949)
Watson's Motors Ltd.
  (Purchase of a new Vauxhall Victor estate in 1960)
Welland's Garage.
  (The story of a 1930s garage)
Wem Motor Company.
  (Repairs to a Swift car in 1934)
Westaway Motors Ltd
  (1967 invoice for a Wolseley 1500)
West End Garage
  (Frank Sykes, at West End Garage 1947)
West End Garage (Brecon)
  (1946 letter issued by this Wolseley agent)
William W. Miller & Son
  (Letter from this garage in 1937)
Miscellaneous automobilia....
1930s' tax discs
  (Pre-war UK road fund licences)
1950s' tax discs
  (Looking at the 1950-1959 UK road tax disc)
AA Grille Badges & books
  (Plus how to date an AA badge based on the issue code)
AA "Safety Through Courtesy"
  (A leaflet issued in 1952)
AC spark plugs - "Plugpaks"
  (Packaged sets of AC plugs aimed at trade sellers)
Accident advice leaflet
  (1951 leaflet on what to do after a car crash)
AD spark plugs
  (1900s notebook issued by A. Dutemple of Paris)
Adventure comic, 1949
  (Morris Minor "lowlight" police cars feature)
Aintree Circuit Club
  (Original drinks coaster from the club bar)
American Airlines car hire
  (Boarding passes promote car rental, and the DC-6B)
Arden Continental Car Accessories
  (Flyer issued in 1967)
A.R.T.I.C lorry driver's hotel
  (Accomodation used by a 50s truck driver)
Autobus Company coach tours.
  (Luxury coach trips from Cologne, Germany, 1934)
  (Original motor-racing driver signatures)
Autovac fuel system
  (Notes on the Autovac vacuum-operated petrol system)
Avery-Hardoll petrol pumps
  (1950s leaflets describing the Model S and the AH 101)
Avon - The Care of Tyres.
  (A 1930s/1940s booklet produced for lorry drivers)
Avon H.M. tyres.
  (A 1953 leaflet describing this range of tyres)
Avon H.M. whitewall tyres.
  (Leaflet for Avon's range of whitewalls, 1953)
Bartholomew's Maps 1927
  (A leaflet listing maps on offer to the car owner)
Beacon Motor Coach Services
  (Calendar from 1927 featuring a vintage char-a-banc)
Belling-Lee Sparkmaster
  (Leaflet regarding a 1950s ignition booster)
Bowden Cables
  (1940s/1950s leaflet inc diagrams of bicycle cables)
Bowser Petrol Pumps
  (Sales catalogue from 1922, & examples from the 1940s)
Boys' Magazine speed story
  (Motor-racing story in a 1931 comic)
Boy's Own Paper - 1925, 1953 & 1958
  (Inc. article on the Goodwood 9 Hours race)
Brands Hatch, Mallory Park & Snetterton
  (Track days leaflet from 1963)
BRDC - "A Start For Finishers"
  (Guidance for the new racing driver, 1950s)
Brico Piston Rings
  (A desk blotter from the 1950s)
Britannia Drive-In Theatre
  (Drive-in movies in Canada, c1951)
Britax Safety Belts
  (Two 1960s seatbelt leaflets)
British European Airways car hire
  (BEA car hire plan from 1963)
British Motor Trade Assoc.
  (Membership card dating to 1954/5)
British School of Motoring lessons
  (Appointments card for lessons 1957/1958)
British School of Motoring (1910)
  (Training prospectus from 1910)
British School of Motoring Prep Driver
  (1950's driving simulator and reaction tester)
Browns Luxury Coach Tours
  (Bedford VAM coach operator in Ambleside)
Car Batteries from Exide & Dagenite.
  (Leaflets showing rubber-cased batteries in the 1960s)
Castrol oils.
  (1950s leaflet describing Castrol's range of lubricants.)
Castrol oil-change reminders.
  (1950s blotters, inc one from E.T. Stead & Co. Ltd.)
Champion Spark Plugs.
  (c1948 leaflet for commercial vehicle operators)
Christmas & New Year cards.
  (1920s-1950s greetings cards for motoring enthusiasts)
Chums comic - "Motor Caravanners".
  (Exciting comic-book motor story from 1916)
Cold Weather Driving.
  (Leaflet issued by Carey & Lambert Ltd, Austin Distrib.)
Commercial Motor Users Association
  (A 1928/9 member's handbook and award certificate.)
Continental Sports Cars
  (Flyer publicising Bill Boddy's new book in 1951/52.)
Conway Scooter Club (Jackdaws).
  (Leaflet promoting a meet in 1961)
Crewe & South Cheshire Motor Club.
  (A notepad from the club's National Rally held in 1938)
Crewe School of Motoring.
  (A driver passes his driving test in Crewe, 1963)
Crosville and Liverpool & N. Wales Steamship trips.
  (Combined trips in N Wales, 1960)
"DAG" Colloidal Graphite.
  (Leaflet explaining running-in compounds for engines)
Desmo Boomerang mirrors
  (Fitting instructions for these wing mirrors)
Dextrol Motor and Tractor Oils.
  (A leaflet dating to the 1940s or 1950s)
Dominion Motor Spirit News
  (Two 'Dominion News' magazines, 1930s)
"Drive In" for Esso service.
  (A pop-up Esso garage leaflet from the 50s)
Dunlop - "Hallucination".
  (A 1920s/1930s desk blotter by Dunlop Tyres)
Dunlop - Malcolm Campbell.
  (Campbell advocates Dunlop Tyres on this blotter)
Dyne's Self-Drive Car Hire.
  (Car rental rates for 1968)
Earls Court & other Motor Shows
  (Gummed labels for motor shows 1937-1963)
"Easifound" luggage label 1930s
  (A motor coach illustration on labels)
East Yorkshire Motor Services (1)
  (Social club membership card, 1938)
East Yorkshire Motor Services (2)
  (Staff magazine dated April 1948)
Electricity Advisory Service
  (A look at garage equipment in 1958)
Esso TVO tractor fuel
  (Esso Green TVO fold-out poster)
Essolube - Cylinder Wear Advice
  (A 1930s leaflet discussing Essolube oils)
Exide motor-car batteries
  (Illustrated invoice for a supplier, 1936)
"Fancy Meeting You" (RoSPA)
  (Illustrated guide to driving, 1947)
Federal Use Motor Vehicle Tax
  (A US car tax stamp from 1946)
Fina Motortonic oils
  (Range of lubricants c1960)
Fina Thermidor Antifreeze
  (Car antifreeze leaflet from 1959)
Formula 3 / 500cc racing
  (Flyer promoting a book by CAN May, 1951)
Gargoyle Mobiloil & the Model T Ford
  (1920's leaflet recommending Mobiloil for the Model T)
Get Regular Service
  (A 1950s garage leaflet advocating car maintenance)
Goodwood memorabilia
  (Items relating to this motor racing circuit, 1948 on.)
Greetings cards.
  (Cards with a motoring theme to them.)
Hancock's Motor Tours 1939.
  (224-page coach tour guide.)
Hepolite piston rings
  (From 1967, a leaflet for the Hepolite Engine Clinic)
Highway Code 1963
  (A look back at motoring in the early 60s)
Hipwell car fittings/accessories
  (Late 1960s/early 1970s leaflet)
How To Get Home (1929)
  (Tips on "righting" overturned vehicles, and other problems)
Humorous garage postcard
  (A comic postcard dating to 1944/1945)
Iberian Continental Tours 1950
  (Booklet inc letter from Blue Cars (Continental) Ltd)
Imperial DRIVER seat covers
  (Leaflet from the 1960s)
India tyres desk blotter
  (A blotter advertising tyres from the early 1960s)
International Tyres
  (Sales leaflet & price list from 1919)
I-SPY Cars & Road Transport
  (Guides to spotting interesting cars, lorries & vans etc)
Jackie Stewart in The Hornet
  (Feature on JYS in this 1970 comic)
Jenolite rust treatment
  (A 1950s leaflet on rust removal)
John Bull
  (A 1920s/1930s John Bull Tyres invoice & blotter)
Lancashire & Cheshire Car Club
  (Review of the car club Bulletin from Feb 1947)
Langol Motor Oils 1927
  (A price list for automobile lubricants)
Laurence Scott & Electromotors
  (A leaflet advertising traffic light systems in the 1930s)
Leather & enamel keyrings
  (Collection of motoring key rings)
Lifeguard car polish
  (An advertising postcard for this car polish)
Lodge Model C3 plug
  (Detachable 1930s Lodge sparkplug)
Lodge News October 1956
  (A single sheet newspaper by Lodge Plugs)
London Coastal Coaches Ltd
  (Christmas card from 1948)
Lumax lamps
  (Accessories catalogue 1966-1967)
Macbraynes Coach Services
  (Timetable from 1959)
Marble Arch Motor Supplies Ltd
  (Catalogue of motoring accessories etc from the 1950s)
Mascot Motors Limited
  (A Jersey-based car hire firm in the early 60s)
Michelin Motor Tours
  (Motorists' route planning service in the 1920s)
Mickey Mouse Safety First Hankies
  (Boxed set of Disney road safety hankerchiefs, 1965)
Mileage calculator & map
  (1950s planner to calculate mileages between towns.)
Mobil oil desk blotter
  (A '50s garage blotter advertising Mobiloil)
Modern Wonder newspaper
  (1938 issue, featuring Goldie Gardner's MG record car)
Motor Cars and Motor Boats
  (A c1932 booklet on cars free with Boys' Magazine)
Motoring to Brighton
  (Postcard from 1921 featuring a vintage car and poem)
National Benzole
  (Receipt and delivery note dating to 1924)
National Car Parks Ltd
  (A car park ticket advertising Super Fina petrol)
Northern Caravans Ltd
  (Business card & letterhead from the 1950s)
Notwen Oils
  (Collectables relating to this Birmingham-based oil company)
Oldham's omnibus batteries
  (Illustrated catalogue from 1939)
On The Road
  (National and local motoring laws in 1930)
ORMA compliments slip
  (From the Owen Racing Motor Association)
OXO Road Safety booklet
  (Illustrated children's book from the 50s)
Palmer Motorcycle Tyres
  (Rare illustrated tyre booklet from 1913)
Petrol rationing coupons
  (A selection, from 1949 through to 1971)
Petrol station receipts
  (Various invoices from garages in 1975)
Philips Car Bulbs
  (A car and cycle bulb leaflet from the 1950s)
Photocrom taxi card
  (Early 20th Century taxi-shaped card)
Pirelli tyres
  (Advertising leaflets from 1953)
Pluck comic-book, 1923
  (Motor Racing / Brooklands edition)
Popular Cars Illustrated
  (A small booklet from 1951)
Post Office Magazine (GPO vans)
  (GPO magazine from 1934 featuring Morris vans)
Post-war Roads And Traffic Memorandum
  (Wartime 1944 publication by the AA, RAC, RSAC)
Practical Motorist Maintenance Log Book
  (An A35 owner's log of work done)
Pratt's Motor Spirit
  (A small copper dish feat. a 2 gallon Pratts fuel tin)
RAC breakdown leaflet, pre-1920
  (Expansion of their recovery service announcement)
RAC motorists' day tours in Wales
  (1930's leaflet of motor tours around Bettws-y-Coed)
RAC Travel Service Ltd
  (Organised all-inclusive road trips to Europe, 1960)
Racing car bathroom tiles, 1950s
  (Late 1950s GP racing car tiles)
Rapid Route Indicator
  (1920s route & direction planner)
Raymond Mays / ERA book
  (Flyer promoting book "Split Seconds - My Racing Years")
Regent Lubritection
  (Lubrication service logbook offered by Regent)
Rest and Be Thankful
  (Paperwork relating to the Scottish hillclimb in 1952)
ROSPA diploma
  (Certificate awarded to a driver in 1949)
Ryans Self Drive car hire
  (Car hire in Ireland, 1964 and 1964 leaflets)
S.R. Ball timber yard lorries
  (1948 leaflet feat. three classic commercials)
Safety First School of Motoring
  (A booklet looking at learning to drive, 1950s/1960s)
Scalecraft Trade Catalogue
  (Motorised kits produced by Scalecraft in the 1960s)
Seagreen car parts
  (Catalogue of service items from 1937)
Silshine Transfers
  (A sheet of sports & racing car transfers)
Simmonds Aerocessories
  (Leaflet for the Simmonds Elastic Stop Nut)
Simoniz Bodyglaze polish
  (1953 leaflet promotes this product)
Smith's Holiday Tours by Car
  (Suggested motor tours in the 1920s)
SMT Day Tours from Edinburgh
  (Various coach trips on offer in 1948)
Solex Thermostarter carburettors
  (A pre-war leaflet describing these carbs)
Star Cars of 1971
  (A stick-in album of road cars)
"Summer Safety Check-Up"
  (A motoring leaflet advocating car safety checks, 1948)
Terry's cycle & motorcycle accessories
  (Pre-war catalogue of accessories and tools)
The 30 Club
  (Unusual 1930s enamel badge)
The Champion comic
  (Four old comicbooks from 1947)
The Children's ABC of Road Safety
  (1940s illustrated book on road safety)
The Hotspur
  (1948 comic features the 1947 Mille Miglia road race)
The London Magazine Motoring Handbook
  (A guide to motoring published in 1931)
The Magnet Motor Car Badge Album
  (For collecting tinplate motor-car badges, 1929)
The Modern Boy
  (Illustrated comics from 1928 & 1936)
The Modern Motor Car
  (Published by Shell-Mex & BP Ltd circa 1933)
The Motor Chase
  (Illustrated piano solo sheet music from the WW1 era)
The Speed Transfer Book
  (1940's transfers of racing cars, locomotives and more)
The Super Book of Racing Cars
  (Produced by the Daily Express in 1956)
Tiger Album of Modern Sportscars
  (Sticker album featuring sportscars from 1961/1962)
Top Trumps card game
  (Popular 1970s kid's game)
Truck knitting pattern
  (A '50s/'60s pattern featuring an old truck)
Trumpf Chocolate - 2 trading cards
  (Featuring German armoured vehicles)
TT Riders Association
  (Annual TTRA luncheon menu for 1959)
Turn To Better Driving
  (1954 booklet issued by RoSPA & Ford Motor Co.)
Tyresoles (Henry Simon Ltd)
  (Letter regarding a tyre failure, 1936)
United Automobile Services Ltd
  (Leaflet of coach tours from 1951)
United Motor Services
  (Booklet re coach tours from Sheffield, 1930's)
Useful Information For Motorists
  (A late 1920's booklet offering advice on motoring)
Veteran motorist drawing
  (A doodle on an envelope from 1902)
Viscos oils and greases
  (Price list from 1927)
Vistascreen 3D viewing cards
  (2 sets of motoring cards)
Wayne petrol pumps
  (Petrol station service newsletter from 1954)
Western National timetable 1949
  (inc Royal Blue & Associated Motorways services)
Westinghouse Brakes
  (A booklet from the 1927 Motor Show at Olympia)
Wico tractor magnetos
  (Pre-war leaflet describing Wico magnetos)
"Z-Cars" TV series
  (Album/book dating to 1963)


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