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See Homepage. This page: A fold-out advertising leaflet/poster issued by a parts factor in the early 1920s.

Parts sale at A.J. Dew & Co of Endell Street, London.

This fine old leaflet dated June 1922 folds out into a small poster, and tells the resident garage owners of London about A.J. Dew & Co's trade sale of various car parts. Happily for any garage looking to source car spares, the company had "made unusually keen purchases of the undermentioned lines" so "are passing the benefit on to our Customers". At times like this I wish that time machines had been invented, as a number of these items would be keenly snapped up by anyone owning a vintage car today, myself included.
A.J. Dew & Co. were situated at 21-25 Endell Street, in London WC2. A quick scan of Google Streetview confirms that while neighbouring addresses 27 and 29 Endell Street survived the war, the fate of numbers 21 - 25 may not have been so rosy. Standing at this location now, adjoining the period properties of nos 27 and 29, is what looks to be a much more recent building, suggesting that the former motor factor's premises were likely bomb damaged at some point between 1939 and 1945.
The offer begins with news that new Bosch ZU4 magnetos could be bought for the sum of 7 pounds, while anyone perhaps looking to equip a car or garage for the first time, may well have been tempted by the offer of an Endolite toolkit. Housed in a canvas carry case and equipped with a handy range of basic tools, it could be purchased for six shillings, or 30 pence in today's money. A larger kit, which included a small hand vice, was also available.
Ford Model Ts were a common sight on Britain's roads at the time. To satisfy the needs of their owners therefore, a number of items listed as being suitable for the Model T are listed. These include "Forward" sparking plugs, they retailed at 2/6, and featured an unusual design of electrode. 30" x 3.5" tyres "... of best manufacture and first-class wearing qualities" that were most definitely "NOT surplus or wartime stock" could also be snapped up for a modest sum, again suitable for Ford's mass-produced motor-car.
If Sir or Madam required a new transmission band or linings (Duford brand), or perhaps a new rear leaf spring, for their Tin Lizzie, then Dew & Co. were well placed to assist. Their slogan was, after all, "A.J. Dew & Co. - For Promptness And Satisfaction".
Car parts poster from 1922
A hunt online demonstrates that the company put their name to all manner of motor-related products, some specific to a particular make or model of car, others being suited to virtually anything. The one-ton jacks for instance no doubt found homes in motor houses across the city, although anyone with a more substantial vehicle would have had to opt for a beefier version. Two types of horns also get a mention, one being the "short trumpet" model, the other the "long trumpet" type. They were both priced at seven shillings a time, and look to be of the Klaxon style.
Interested parties could either drop by their Endell Street emporium, telephone one of five numbers, or instead send off a telegram to their "DEWMOFAC LONDON" address.
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