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See Homepage. This page: Oils supplied by Langley-Smith & Co. Ltd in the 1920s.

The range of "Langol" lubricants on offer to the motorist in the late 1920s.

This small leaflet, listing the prices for Langol Motor Oils, was found in a bookshop some years ago. The cover confirms the date of March 1927, and the Directors of the parent company, Langley-Smith & Co. Limited of St. Mary Axe, in London EC3.

Langol oil leaflet
The image above shows the cover, a scan of the Langley's logo on the rear cover, and the main price list within. The logo features a 20s motor-car, surrounded by the words "Langley's Latest Lubricants - 'Langol' Motor Oils" and their address.

The Langol range comprised of a variety of oils to suit many different applications...

Langol Oils price list
Special De Luxe Motor Oil.
A heavy and full-bodied oil not losing its lubricating properties at high temperatures. Specially prepared for Motor Cycles, and certain types of foreign engines employing force-feed lubrication. 3/6.

Heavy Motor Oil.
One of the most popular brands on the market. Heavy bodied, but free flowing at low temperatures. For air and water-cooled engines. 3/-.

Medium Motor Oil.
The best all-round oil for most medium powered and light cars. This oil has most excellent tests. For water-cooled engines. 2/9.

Arctic Motor Oil.
An oil particularly well suited to cars of American origin. An alternative to the Medium grade for use in winter. Fluid at zero. 2/6.

Ford Motor Oil - USA.
This is the actual oil used for Ford cars throughout the USA and there is nothing to beat it. 2/-.

Special Ford Motor Oil.
An excellent oil giving good results, but we offer this merely to meet the competition of cheap Ford oils on the market. 1/10.

Lorry Oil.
A specially prepared oil for practically all types of commercial vehicles. Very economical in use. 2/8.

Gear Oil.
A highly filtered very viscous oil which will obviate noise and wear in gear-box and transmission. 2/0.

The second page of the price list features various grades of machine oil, including special lubricants such as Gas Engine Oil, and a special odourless Sweet Oil. Three options for tractor users were on offer - Extra Heavy, No.1 Heavy, and Heavy Dark.

All the prices shown here are for a 40 gallon barrel of the quoted oil! Smaller 20 gallon, 10 gallon, and 5 gallon oil drums were also available, although as this is a Trade Only Parts List I expect most would opt for the 40 gallon option.

Primarily therefore, Langley-Smoth dealt in lubricants aimed at the user of the internal combustion engine, however they also supplied other products, including seed oils (such as Linseed, Colza, Castor and Sanctuary Oil), Turpentine, and what they class as 'sundries', for example Cod Liver, Sperm (whale blubber), Lard, Tallow, Neatsfoot and Fish Frying Oil.

If anyone has any photos of Langol Motor Oils signs, or oil tins, it'd be interesting to see them if possible!

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