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See Homepage. This page: Who was the lucky winner who won a brand new 100E Prefect by entering this prize draw in 1957?

Win a new Ford Prefect!

Although by 1957 it was getting a little long-in-the-tooth, Ford's 100E range was still popular with buyers who wanted a 2 or 4 door small saloon for the local commute, even if still saddled with a sidevalve engine that could trace it's roots back to the 1930s (the OHV 107E wouldn't appear until 1959). Up for grabs in 1957, in support of the Moyvane & Knockanure Church Building Fund, was a four door 100E Prefect, top of it's range at the time. No doubt tickets sold well, although I wonder whether the lucky winner opted for the new 100E or the 400 cash alternative? Second prize was 50, third prize 25, fourth 15 and fifth 10, or enough to buy a dog-eared pre-war Model Y if you so wished!!
Ticket to win a Ford 100E Prefect
The draw was set to take place on December 15th 1957, so someone that year would be having a good Christmas! I wonder if anyone reading this in Ireland remembers this competition, or even better knows who actually won the car? A little digging around reveals that the Moyvane church was opened in August 1956, yet this prize draw to raise funds for the church build was a year later, so perhaps there were still a few outstanding jobs required on the new building.
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