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See Homepage. This page: An illustrated invoice from C.A. Brown, featuring various handcarts and a pair of small commercial vehicles.

C.A. Brown of Bradford.

Despite being typed up in 1968, the illustration on this window cleaner's invoice looks some thirty years older. The company was C.A. Brown, based in Bradford, Yorkshire, and offered their customers a "Brighter Outlook". Several gentlemen, with ladders and handcarts, can be seen on this invoice, as can a pair of commercial vehicles to the far left.
Trucks used by a windowcleaning business
The truck to the left looks like it could have been American, perhaps a Chevrolet or Model A Ford. The other vehicle is much smaller, maybe an Austin 7 or quite possibly a Morris Minor-based pickup, made specially for the job? Whatever these two commercials were, I'm sure the drivers of either vehicle felt they were one rung up the ladder (...) from those who had to make do trudging around with hand carts in all weathers.
Two old pickup trucks used by this business
Click here to visit the Motoring Collectables section of this site. Most, but not all, of the items in this section directly refer to the motor or garage trade. Some, such as this leaflet for a timber yard, feature classic vehicles in one way or another (in this instance three lorries on the leaflet's cover).

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