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See Homepage. This page: Colours leaflet relating to the classic Volvo 120-series (early type), circa 1961.

Volvo 122S colour options.

If I'm reading the code correctly on this single-sheet Volvo 122S Amazon publication, it dates to 1961. Certainly the 122S Amazon on the facing side is an early example, with the large chrome hubcaps with the centre "V" in a red disc, the earlier type of "Volvo 122S" badging on the front wing, and the original style of radiator grilles up front. Although not evident in this studio photo, the car shown below would also have been fitted with the earlier style of seats compared with the improved types fitted to later 120-series cars.
What the couple in the photo are discussing, isn't clear. Is he mid-proposal, preparing to drop to bended knee? Or maybe he's just trying to wrestle the Volvo's keys away from her grasp?
Volvo 122S colour options
On the reverse is a brief run-down of the car's key specification points. At this time, the B16B (1600cc) engine was standard fitment on all 120s - this would later be extended to 1800cc then 2000cc by the time of the Amazon going out of production, in 1970, to be replaced by the boxy 140 range. Being a 122S, the sporty variant at the time, it was fed by a pair of twin-SU carburettors, whereas the more sedate 121 made do with a single Stromberg. The usual four-speed gearbox is mentioned, but there's no reference to an overdrive gearbox option, which later cars could certainly be specified with when new. When did this become an option?
The main purpose of this information sheet though was to describe the colour combinations that were on offer in the early 1960s. These were as follows:
  • White (roof and body)
  • Olive-Green (roof and body)
  • Blue with Light-Grey roof
  • Black (roof and body)
  • Light-Grey with Black roof
  • Slate Blue (roof and body)
  • Red with Light-Grey roof
Volvo 122S colours for 1961
If you're restoring a Volvo which has received a non-original re-paint at some point in its life, then hopefully this colour chart will shed some light on the options that were available to buyers of the earlier 120s. Later Amazons were available in different colours - for example, dad's D-reg 121 four-door was all-over pale blue, while my own 122S was dark green all over. "Spares donor" cars that also came and went at OCC HQ back in the 1990s were red all over, dark blue all over, and white all over, so the above list of factory colour options only relates specifically to the cars for 1961/1962 or thereabouts. I think the two-tone colour schemes really suit these cars well.

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