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Singer car parts (London Service Depot)

This elegantly headed invoice, dating to September 1931, was issued by Singer & Co. Limited, of Lancelot Road, Wembley, Middlesex, for a quantity of parts to fit a 1926 10 hp motorcar. Was 'Singer & Co.' just another parts supplier based in the South of England, or in fact the full name for the Singer motor car company?? perhaps someone who knows about vintage and post-vintage Singers could clarify this for me?

Singer cars

The parts were issued by this concern based on Lancelot Road, which was the Service Depot we're told. The registered office, just visible at the top right of the paper however, says that the registered office for this company was in fact located further north in Coventry, one-time home for much of the mainstream British car industry (when we had one). Enquiries could either be telephoned through to Wembley 3091, or else sent via telegram to Singerpyr, Wembley. The order, for a 1926 car (no information is given on the car manufacturer in the order details, which again makes me wonder if it is for a Singer 10hp), requested the following parts:
  • 1x head lamp bracket
  • 1x n/s front brake rod complete
  • 1x o/s steering arm
  • 1x track rod
  • 1x o/s stub axle complete with swivel pin and bushes
  • 3x pair of big end half bushes
This list of parts suggests that Balgores Motors were repairing a small 10 horse car following a minor bump, which may well have damaged the front corner steering and chassis components itemised above. I'm sure that car no. 6636 has long since been consigned to the melting pot, but if by a miracle this particular vintage Singer is still around, I'd be fascinated to see a picture of it.

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