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See Homepage. This page: A brochure cum poster promoting the benefits of running a tractor on Esso TVO.

Esso Green TVO.

This old poster, printed on card, promotes the use of Esso Green Tractor Vaporising Oil (TVO) in the early post-war years. Although un-dated, a leaflet that came with this poster dates to 1952, so it's fair to assume that they both relate to 1940s and 1950's tractors. The cover shows a farmer ploughing a field with his trusty machine, flat cap firmly fixed to his head.
"The New Improved Esso Green Tractor Vaporising Oil - For Economy Through Better Performance".
Brochure for Esso TVO tractor fuel
After WW2 there was a call to re-introduce tax-free petrol specifically for users of farm machinery, but this led to nothing so an alternative, cheap, fuel was developed called TVO, or Tractor Vaporising Oil. TVO proved to be a popular choice with farmers in the 1940s and early 1950s, before the use of diesel tractors became widespread. Tractors converted to TVO still had to be started on petrol, but once warmed up could be switched over to TVO. A tractor working hard ran well enough on TVO, which had a much lower octane rating than petrol, although light use only proved to be less successful. In 1974 the sale of TVO was wound down, but in the 1950s demand was strong, and Esso were keen to build up their slice of the market.
Many benefits for Esso Green were given in this leaflet.
  • Economy - Prove this in terms of reduced petrol consumption and greater power.
  • A branded product - The first of its kind to be made available by today's refining methods.
  • Protection - Its readily identifiable colour is a full safeguard against substitution.
  • No increased cost.
Specially produced by the Latest Refinery methods for every type of Vaporising Oil Tractor.
You have chosen your tractors for efficiency and economy. Even so, fuel accounts for at least 50% of your running costs. In the past few years, war-time and post-war conditions have largely influenced the quality of your fuel. Now you can buy the best.
Fold-out the leaflet to view the full poster, and the advantages of Esso Green TVO and clearly given. Also shown, a great little illustration of an Esso tanker (Bedford O Series) driving away from a farm following a fresh delivery of TVO.
Esso tractor fuel poster
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