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Hipwell car accessories & fittings.

This old leaflet bears no date, but from the look and feel of it, has to be from the late 1960s or early 1970s. The company behind the products listed was J. Hipwell & Son Limited, of Warwick Road, Greet, in Birmingham, and clearly they produced a wide variety of motoring-related accessories and fittings. A brief introduction to the company's raison d'etre is given on the rear cover:
"A versatile engineering company specialising in metal spinning, pressings in all metals. Have equipment to produce spinning up to 48" dia. Pressings single and double action up to 100 tons. Polishing, welding, brassing, milling, tapping, drilling, machining, toolmaking, assembling, vacuum forming, skin packing. Established 70 years and producing or able to produce an abnormal number of products."
Hipwell sales leaflet
Photographs and descriptions for a couple of hundred or so products are given inside the leaflet. These include the following car parts and accessories:
  • Air hose reel cover
  • Exhaust booster baffle
  • Caravan ventilator
  • Tow ball cover
  • Spot lamp bracket
  • Exhaust trim
  • Car wheel centre disc "knock on" spinner
  • Ford Anglia seat adjuster
  • BMC 1100 seat adjuster
  • Mini bonnet stay
  • BMC steering column adjuster bracket
  • Mini seat adjuster
  • Triumph wheel discs retaining fitting
  • Air cleaner top
  • Solex carburettor cover
  • Car mirror head
  • Jensen grease cap
  • Plaxton & Duple coach badges
  • Mud flap clamp
  • Coach (Park Royal, Roe and Metro) mirrors
  • Motorcycle rims
  • Car hubcaps
  • Wire wheel discs
  • Watsonian sidecar wheel discs
  • BSA & Triumph motorcycle name plates
  • BMC 1300 & Ford Cortina wheel discs
  • Renault sills
  • Mini door stay
  • Triumph Herald tail pipe
  • Gearlever extension
  • Wheel spinners
  • Jensen horn button
  • SU carburettor ram pipe
Hipwell sales leaflet
Hipwell sales leaflet
The rear cover bears illustrations of full-width wheel discs suitable for coaches. Also presented are a couple of steering wheels that Hipwell were able to produce.
Hipwell sales leaflet
Happily, the company exists to this day, making similar products to those listed above, many for the classic car market. Also listed on their website are new wheels for Austin J40 pedal cars. Scans of many of the Hipwell/Arden publications from the olden days, can also be found on their site: link. A scan of a sales flyer for Arden car accessories, dating to 1967, may be found on this page of Old Classic Car.
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